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My friends and I all went to Fado's last night for my birthday because we knew you guys would be playing. You kick ass. Thanks for making my birthday so much fun.
Marissa from Washington, D.C.
October 20, 2006

You kids Make me happy- I wish you would frequent the midwest area a little more.....
Cat from Marion, Iowa
October 20, 2006

Wow - what a performance at Stout this past Saturday! I was visiting a friend of mine in NYC, and she took me to see you guys. Such a fantastic show - lots of great energy!! The bars where I'm from (Texas) close at 2 a.m. so I couldn't imagine I could stay up past then. But I was so wrong! The show was so amazing that we stayed till the bar closed at 4!! Thanks for such a great time. I doubt you guys would ever make it as far south as Houston, but if you do, I'll come to see you!!
Stephanie from Houston, Texas
October 18, 2006

I never miss your Philly-area shows and am very much looking forward to the upcoming Brittingham's show. But what is up with the lack of pictures being posted of the Brittingham's shows? Come on, lads, the Philly people want to see themselves on your site as much as the DC people do! And will you serenade us with the Rattlin' Bog this time around? It's been a while.
Katie from West Chester, Pennsylvania
October 11, 2006

Eye candy and ear candy on the same night! I was a lucky girl last week. Seriously, the music is fabulous, thank you for a rockin' time, keep it up because i'm going to make it to more of your Thursday night shows.
B from Washington, D.C.
October 11, 2006

To be honest, your band was a name among a whole list of bands to chose from during the Milwaukee Irish fest this past summer...and yours jumped out at me b/c I happen to be a fan of nomadic steppe tribes--in a rather indirect sense;)...thus, after subjecting my boyfriend to yet another diabtribe on how awesome and fascinating the horse-lords of the steppe were, we decided to stop by the tent you were playing at've established a following in Chicago (even if we were in Milwaukee instead)...I can't even describe how heart-thumping, foot-stomping, jig-reel-inducing your melodies are...each one of your tunes is like a mini-stroke of celtic-Ectasy...thus, we went to hear you in McGinty's this past week--the couple from Chicago who flew into Raleigh-Durham, and drove up to DC to hear you all play Oct 6th--what a privledge;)...don't worry, we're not stalkers, we just really loved your music;)...I hope you guys keep spinning the truly wonderful sounds you've managed to create--bardic in the truest sense of the art, and so fresh...and i absolutely hope you all never loose the grass-roots-i-ness of what you do, no matter how big you get;)...I will light candles to your patron saint of fiddles and scythians in the hope you'll come to chicago in the not so distant future...I'm not sure, with all the irish bars out here, how they could not have heard your rhythms blowing in from the east coast;)...Cheers and much luck to getting more people off their booties and dancing!!;) We hope to see you all again in action!!
Bonnie from Chicago, Illinois
October 9, 2006

What a fantastic concert at Franciscan University on September 30th! As a class of 1980, "older" alumni, I thoroughly enjoyed your music and the dancing! Thanks lads!
Debbie from Amarillo, Texas
October 9, 2006

I saw you guys in Frederick, fell in love with the fiddle, and saw you again at McGinty's last night. You are great - wish I could go to every single one of your shows!!!
Cirila from Clarksburg, Maryland
October 7, 2006

Hey, you guys totally rocked Franciscan U. It was great having you guys come up. People up here are talking about it, and really want you guys back. Thanks for a great show!
Katie from Steubenville, Ohio
October 3, 2006

I saw you guys at the Muskegon Irish Music Festival in Michigan and you guys rock. You just didnt treat it as another show. I liked how you got the crowd to join in the action kinda.
Ben from Muskegon, Michigan
October 2, 2006

Saw you fellas at The Harp n Fiddle in bethesda with some guys from the DCFD. (bagpipers) Good drinkin with ya and i'll see you boys on the 8th at McGinty's God Bless!
Aaron from Washingon, D.C.
October 1, 2006

Saw you at music fest, fell in love and now cant wait to see you back in PA at the end of October. Thank you for giving me a reason to dance again
Lucy from erwinna, Pennsylvania
October 1, 2006

Hey fellas! I caught your regular Thursday night gig at Fado's and I am speechless! Yall really know how to get the crowd into it and the music is the best I've heard since I moved up here! Keep up the good work and I will definately see yall NEXT Thursday :)
Anya from Arlington, Virginia
September 30, 2006

Smokin--you were the best of the entire venue in Fredericks Friday lunch concerts. Thank you so very much you all were just great-come back again and again
Carole from Frederick, Maryland
September 30, 2006

Saw the band at the Bolero in Wildwood for Irish Weekend last weekend. AWESOME show! Can't wait til you play the Philly area!! Hope it's soon, guys. Keep Rocking!!
Mary Jane from Phi9ladelphia, Pennsylvania
September 30, 2006

Full tank of gas...50 bucks. Fighting I-95 traffic all the way to Frederick...2.5 hours. Making it just in time to hear OBSpecial...priceless.
Lisa from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
September 29, 2006

Saw you at the Santana concert at the Nissan Pavilion. I wish I'd known about you guys earlier. As a dabbler in int'l folk and Irish music, I have to say that you guys are fantastic. Unfortunately we just left the DC area and are relocating to Cork, Ireland. We'll keep an eye on your tour dates to see when Cork comes up!
Josh from Alexandria, Virginia
September 29, 2006

PLEASE come back to Frederick as soon as possible! You guys are fantastic -- and we've got loads of venues for you. The fans will come ...! And thanks again for playing Ella's favorite song. (from Ella's Mom)
Meg from Frederick, Maryland
September 29, 2006

laddies! like the new tag. when are you coming down to dallas? missing my dose of gipsy. glad to see all is going well. cheers.
j'aime from irving, Texas
September 29, 2006

Wow! All of you performed wonderfully! As I sat under the gazebo in the VIP lounge at Nissan, I really enjoyed how your music connected with your audience (which you drew quite a few admirers, including myself). I love to listen to music from all different cultures of the world blended to make one unique sound especially one you can dance too! Danylo, I took pleasure in watching you play the accordeion because my grandfather used to play in a Panamian folklore group. Loved it! Thanks, guys! Your doing an awesome job! Love to see you here in Warrenton, VA.
Mary from Warrenton, Virginia
September 27, 2006

I just heard your music and its Great! My sister Mae Wolfe who went to Fransician University - She said the fiddle player went there as well But anyway i am a Violin Major at App State university and i also play the pipes ... and hope to get a set of Uilleann Pipes!!! maybe you'll see me one day
Jacob from Tryon, North Carolina
September 27, 2006

You guys were awesome at the Santana concert! You're something like a Old Blind Dogs (one of my favorite bands) with an American flavor. I was sorry I didn't bring my trebles because you made me want to dance!
Elysia from Manassas, Virginia
September 27, 2006

I saw you guys for the first time last night at the VIP lounge at Nissan for the Santana concert and I was blown away. Your perfomance was the highlight of my night and I enjoyed you moreso than Santana himself. Awesome job guys, you have really developed an eclectic and unique vibe.
Stacy from Charlottesville, Virginia
September 27, 2006

SICK shows in Wildwood guys...especially the parts I remember.
John from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 26, 2006

You guys were awesome at the Bolero Friday night..especially when Blackthorn came on with you guys! I hear that my aunt is a pretty big groupie of yours...she's a crazy fun lady!! shes got me hooked now!
Mary from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 25, 2006

Your show at the Hoolie in No. Wildwood was Grand. You are all such a FINE bunch of talented Gentlemen. Brilliant Craic!
Jennifer from Boothwyn, Pennsylvania
September 24, 2006

You guys were great tonight in Muskegon Mi. all of us from the lighting crew say thanks and keep it up!
Danny from Muskegon, Michigan
September 17, 2006

You guys rocked at FISA in NJ this year. Even withloss of power-you managed to hang in! Cheers~ Debbie, Wesport CT
debbie from norwalk, Connecticut
September 17, 2006

Awesome show at FISA Master Worlds.... My group of small shirted rowers loved every minute. Get the photos up soon..
Gerry from Boston, Massachusetts
September 13, 2006

you guys are seriously AMAZING!!!! u were so much fun to watch at the irish fair!! it was kind of a while ago i know, but hopefully u come back next year!!! have fun touring!!
madeline from st.paul, Minnesota
September 12, 2006

Once again, you made our weekend - you guys sure know how to make thirty-somethings feel twenty again! We always look forward to our Scythian weeekends at Brittingham's - you NEVER dissapoint. Yes, we know that you were there one night only; it just takes us the rest of the weekend for us to recover from all the food, drink, and dancing. No regrets! Thank you giving your all every time we see you! P.S. - Keep thinking about that 2 year thing - w/ or w/out instruments; it would be an honor to share another good time with you all. Brian & Laura Lane
Brian & Laura from Boyertown, Pennsylvania
September 10, 2006

Damn good fun in West Chester. Hurry back.
Lisa from Boothwyn, Pennsylvania
September 9, 2006

Hey you I saw you guys at Brittinghams tonight and you were absolutely amazing!!!You music is so lively and fun!I will definately be back there the next time you come into town and I will tell all of my friends about how talented you are, and how attractive you all are!
Natalie from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 8, 2006

WHEN are you guys coming back to Toronto??? We loved you guys last time, and keep checking to see if Toronto is on the list of future shows. Hope to be seeing you soon in the great white North!!
Kat from Toronto, Nebraska
September 8, 2006

Just heard you for the 1st time in West Chester, Pa. on 9/7/06 @ the street festival. You are totally awesome !!!!! So much talent in 1 band. Made for a wonderful time.
Mary from Thorndale, Pennsylvania
September 7, 2006

Just so you are aware- my little Mary wouldn't listen to any CD other than yours during our trip back to NC. Such energetic tunes and warm,fond memories made those 22 hours just fly right by. Love the picture, just can't figure out my peculiar pose. The whole fam. sends love, Jenn- mgr. Tippsy Stage P.S. miss you bunches Erin!
Jennifer from Denver, North Carolina
September 7, 2006

You guys are awesome! My friends and I have never had as good a time as we did last time you guys played at McGinty's in Silver Spring. We look forward to seeing you again!!!
Megan from College Park, Maryland
September 6, 2006

I wish you guys would come up to Providence, Rhode Island! I use to see you a lot when I lived in Virginia! Love your music!
Courtney from Providence, Rhode Island
September 6, 2006

You guys rock, HARD! Some friends and I saw you at the Minnesota Irish Fair in August '06, and it's safe to say you have a new and very exhuberant group of fans! PLEASE, come to Irish Fair in Minnesota again next year; we need your kind of energy! Also, if you are in the midwest sometime and want to play an off the hook college set, look them up at Luther College; you guys would tear the place up!
Wade from Decorah, Iowa
August 29, 2006

Just so you guys know... the kids in Ukraine love your music. I'm now a Peace Corps volunteer here and sharing both some Irish music and dance with my students. Can't wait to see you play again when I get home next June!
Meg from Ukraine but from, D.C.
August 28, 2006

If you and "Flogging Molly" were to be pitted together in a deathmatch, you could win the trophy without breaking a sweat. I love your music. Keep it up, lads!
Random Scythian Fan from St. Paul , Minnesota
August 27, 2006

Your music spans the generations! What a fun evening for our family at the outdoor concert in Herndon VA. My daughter remembered some Irish dancing steps from her childhood! Thank you for sharing your talents. Keep on playing and we will look for you again! Georgi
Georgi from Annandale, Virginia
July 20, 2006

Your music spans the generations! What a fun evening for our family at the outdoor concert in Herndon VA. My daughter remembered some Irish dancing steps from her childhood! Thank you for sharing your talents. Keep on playing and we will look for you again! Georgi
Georgi from Annandale, Virginia
July 20, 2006

You guys just get better every time we see you! Hubby and I saw two of your shows at the Celtic Fling last Saturday and were again totally blown away by your talent and energy! We've seen you guys play at Brittingham's before and loved you so much, we've been playing your cd in our house pretty regularly. Needless to say, you've become a family favorite and even our 9 year old daughter was psyched to see you at the Fling. She's already asking when she gets to go to another Scythian concert! Thanks again for making our weekend!
The Lane Family from Boyertown, Pennsylvania
July 1, 2006

Saw you @ the Celtic Fling, Sat. 6/25. You were GREAT!!!! Very disappointed to hear you will not be @ Celtic Music Fest. My 14 yr. old grandson & 8 yr. old grandaughter loved your music. Got the grandson a t-shirt and CD. My grandson informed me that he went to a Nickelback concert and you were far and away much better!!! They are taking their shirt, CD & stickers back to FL. the end of July and will spread the word about you. We hope to see you again when you are near PA.
Diann from Lebanon, Pennsylvania
June 30, 2006

Hello Lovely Scythain Boys: I hope this finds you all well. I have a lovely surprise/idea for you. Shall send you a pic this week on it. All of Your Fans here in Raleigh @ Tir Na Nog Raleighs #1 Irish Pub wish you all a safe and happy July 4th. OH Dan. if you wanna check out the likeness between yourself and Andrew log onto and check it out..
Annie from Raleigh, North Carolina
June 30, 2006

Great show at the Celtic Fling! You guys, Icewagon Flu (a great band!) - Glengarry Bhoys and of course the Gold Standard, Seven Nations. What a day with the absolute best in Celtic Rock...I've never heard Scythian sound so good - singing lessons lads?
Clan from Pasadena, Maryland
June 29, 2006

Word up freaks! This is George from Icewagon Flu. It was an honor jamming with you at the Fling. It was real rock n roll.
Doc Slides from Hoboken, New Jersey
June 29, 2006

We finally got a band on the Swashbuckler Stage that we can listen to in the shop all day long! (We're right next door, so we hear it all.) You guys were a pleasure to listen to- keep up the hard work, and please come back and see us at Faire again soon!
Sandy (of the Bashful Dragon) from Manheim, Pennsylvania
June 28, 2006

My daughter and I went to the Pa Celtic Fling last weekend expecting to have a good time. Well we had a great time. We were standing at the pub for your first set on Sat. Went over and sat down and immediately was up on our feet clapping and dancing. We hit all your shows that day but the best was the concert at the end of the night when you all where jamming what a party. We could only stay for 1 of your sets on Sunday but we weren't going to miss it. We bought both CD's and you guys sign them. Thanks. What a great time. We'll be seeing you in Wildwood, NJ. A new fan
Barb from Verga, New Jersey
June 28, 2006

Great show saturday at Celtic Fling. We went to see Blackthorn and were pleasantly surprised by your show! Definitely a great time and can't wait till my wife and I can catch a show when you guys come to Philly. Great energy and an all around great time. Thanks again!
Joe from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 27, 2006

Saw you perform at CELTIC FLING this past wknd. You guys blew me away! after the first set saturday, i spent the rest of the day telling my friends "You'v GOT to catch these guys!". You've definitely jumped onto my top 5 list. Hoping to catch you again soon.
Katy from Birdsboro, Pennsylvania
June 27, 2006

WOW WOW WOW like i never saw anything like you and icewagon flu. man you have ruined all music from here on. nothing can compare to that treat. anybody that was not there just dont know,but we know. totally awesome - really unreal - j&a
jack&aggie from manheim, Pennsylvania
June 27, 2006

My husband and I saw your group at the Celtic Festival in PA. You guys ROCK! We saw 3 of your shows on Sunday, and a few other ones. I thought is was totally AWESOME when the other band joined you all on stage :-)! The violin blew our minds! Keep up the GREAT work and pray you all make it larger than life!
Gail from York, Pennsylvania
June 26, 2006

Saw you guys on Sunday at Celtic Fling...YOU WERE AMAZING!!! Hopefully you'll be able to make it up to Philly a little more often so we can hear you!!!!
Karen from Marlton, New Jersey
June 26, 2006

WOW! So magnetic. What an exciting show Saturday! Sunday was extremely enjoyable. And you guys were just so nice, too. Thanks.
Carol from Basking Ridge, New Jersey
June 26, 2006

Caught your show for the first time at the Celtic Fling in Mount Hope, PA on Saturday. You guys were great and I look forward to coming out and seeing you perform again soon. I'll be telling all my friends to look out for you, I'm now a big fan.
Mike from Elkton, Maryland
June 26, 2006

Well, you guys blew me away at Celtic Fling this weekend. Every time I ran into another friend of mine I dragged them over to see one of your shows. Look forward to dancing for you guys again! -Hilary, dancing girl with the tiger tattoo
Hilary from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
June 26, 2006

I'm not stalking you, I promise..but you guys were absolutely fantastic...I really will come see you again at another venue sometime....Thanks for making my weekend at the Celtic Fling even better! :) Take care!
Erin (that dalmore & laphroaig scotch girl) from York, Pennsylvania
June 25, 2006

I just got home from the Celtic Fling no more than 10 minutes ago and couldn't wait to log on to your site. You guys were awesome this weekend! You have so much talent, and it was evident that you enjoy the time you spend on stage. I hope you continue to perform at the Celtic Fling because you can be sure you'll have people coming just to see YOU.
stacy from warminster, Pennsylvania
June 25, 2006

We just had our first close encounter with Scythian at the Celtic Fling and Highland Games in Cornwall, PA. Can't say enough good things about you. We thoroughly enjoyed your shows and can't wait for the next chance to experience the talent, energy and full-on fun that is Scythian.
Jeana from Frederick, Maryland
June 25, 2006

We saw two of your performances at the Celtic Fling and loved your music! You guys are on your way to big things, your talent is incredible and your stage presence is mesmerizing! You were the best band there!! We look forward to seeing you perform again!
Tammy and Jim from Wrightsville, Pennsylvania
June 25, 2006

The fun and energy you provided at the Celtic Fling in Cornwall, was spectacular!!! I think the thing that amazing me the most, is seeing the smiles and happiness you provide to everyone at every show. That definitely is the meaning of word success!!! I can't wait to see you in August at the Midwest Celtic Festivals. Keep smiling and having fun,for new friends will always appear every time I see you.
Pamela from Berwyn, Pennsylvania
June 25, 2006

WOW! Your show at nottoway was AWESOME!!! We loved the variety and all the kids dancing, and how lively it was. you guys are very talented. good luck--well try to see you again!
Emily from Herndon, Virginia
June 22, 2006

Saw you guys for the first time at the Potomac Celtic Festival. I had a large group (all ages)that come in for the festival and they LOVED every minute of your show. We had to get up and get close to the stage. We all also purchased your cds, loved them and listen to them in the car. My sisters want to come back and see you in the club. I was glad they put the best band on first at the festival. Hope you come back next year. You guys are GREAT!!
Leigh from Leesburg, Virginia
June 22, 2006

Fellas, I gotta say… the show was SPECTACULAR! I have honestly never danced so much in my life, and the fact that I could barely walk for three days afterward was totally worth it! The Celtic Festival was the perfect beginning to my summer, and it was all the more amazing because of you. I must admit I was a little skeptical about how much I’d like your performance after hearing your clips online, but they simply don’t do justice to your on-stage energy. I can see why you got more audience response than the Prodigals; you really connect with your audience, even to the point of dancing with them! (Remember the gal in the green shirt, Dan?). Thank you all so much for the pictures and the great show!
Haley from McLean, Virginia
June 21, 2006

My goodness. I have never felt so terrible. With swollen hands and exhaustion, memories of your performance at the Potomac Celtic Festival were the only thing to assuage my miserbale state. Your music is amazing, never have i heard so much interpretation from the fiddle! Your interpretation of 'Wild Thing' is certianly something that i would never expect from a celtic-based group. I dragged my friends and family to the festival, and now they are in celtic euphoria thanks to you. I have never danced or clapped so much in one night in my entire life, and I have you and your inspiring music to thank for it. You were very kind to pose with my friends and I for a photo, we appreciate your congenialtiy. The 'all ages events' are tantalizing for young fiddlers such as myself, please keep up the festivals, and thank you for an amazing show! P.S. I thought you were better than the Prodigals.
Paula from Great Falls, Virginia
June 18, 2006

I was able to catch one of your gigs a couple of Thursdays ago at Fado while in DC for a flying visit. Best $5 cover I ever spent. Keep up the great work.
Mark from Thousand Oaks, California
June 18, 2006

Hey Guys! Just wanted to say thank you so much for your music. Andrew had such a ball when you let him get up on stage with you guys, and I know it was a dream come true for him as well as all of the other kids, whose lives you made such an impact in. There are so many smiles that the pictures I took could never capture, and I thank you for the love you showed each one of those kids. Keep playing and sharing your gift of music to the world. God blessed you guys with amazing talent! Hope to see you at a show sometime, you gotta come visit New Hampshire :-) Be Blessed! ~Amanda
Amanda from Mont Vernon, New Hampshire
June 15, 2006

Hooray, you finally came back to Philly at Brittingham's. Brought new friends/fans to see your show, and we all had a dancing great time. See you soon at the Celtic Fling.
Pamela from Berwyn, Pennsylvania
June 11, 2006

Hey Guys! Thanks for making Kenny and Amy's wedding so much fun! All of us really enjoyed your music and I am just hoping you'll find a way to travel to Louisville, KY for a fun time. We Louisvillians love Irish drinking music! Good luck with your band, and I hope to see you live soon! Amy Quinlan
Amy from Louisville, Kentucky
June 5, 2006

Whats up dudes! Ri Ra's rocked. You will be missed at Fado's this thursday!!!
Pat from Rockville , Maryland
May 31, 2006

YOU FELLAS ROCKED MY SOCKS (and non-dancing shoes) LAST NITE AT STOUT!! thankyouthankyouthankyou for a most entertaining, fabulous, and memorable time, and for chatting it up with me post-show! i will be there to dance to your voices and songs the next time around...just look down for the asian blond =) ~karen
karen from new york, New York
May 28, 2006

So guys....I have a question. When might you have a new album coming out? Just curious. I honestly think a live album would be awesome because studio recordings sometimes just don't do justice to the talent you all have.
Carrie from McLean, Virginia
May 26, 2006

Got to yer site from the The Fuchsia Band ( who'll be playing in the Minnesota Irish Fair with ye. Great bunch o' lads with a fantastic sound and incredible front man. Great site and sounds. Have a great summer and maybe I'll hear ye in Mn, Steve Hmmm, Seeing as how Co. Cork is still Ireland I'll leave it was Cork Montana
Siofain from Cork, Montana
May 25, 2006

Scythian!!! I recently came home for the Summer and I miss Thursdays at Fado already!!!! I found myself getting very thirsty early on in the day and I had an extreme desire to break out into a jig; It was very difficult not having my weekly dose of Celtic Rock served up with pure energy and enthusiasm to pick me up!!! Seriously, guys...keep on putting on amazing shows and maybe you could head up to the Albany, NY area...~Libby (A regular at Fado and Scythian Fan from Catholic)
Libby from Rensselaer, New York
May 21, 2006

Hey Mikey-O! Don't forget your homies from back home! I miss you! The tracks you guys have online ROCK! I can't wait to come see you- live in Cleveland, perhaps? I'm adding my email to your list- shoot me a line if you get a minute- I miss you very much!
Michelle from Cleveland, Ohio
May 15, 2006

Dear Scythian, I first heard you at the Naval Academy last November. I love my Irish heritage and was ecstatic to find out you were going to be in town for my birthday at Mick OSheas. My birthday was a rough one this year (lost a family member) but you and my friends made it a memorable one - Thank you, Erin
Erin from Baltimore, Maryland
May 14, 2006

Where or where is Scythian? We miss you in Pennsylvania, for the May Kildare shows were cancelled. :( Dan wishes for a speedy recovery for a June show at Brittingham's is just around the corner. The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us. -Ashley Montagu So hurry back to Pennsylvania soon.
Pamela from Berwyn, Pennsylvania
May 13, 2006

Oh great foaming pint in the sky, would that I were not down in Ecuador for two years of Peace Corps service but back among the blessed oaken arms of Fado in DC, where each and every Thursday flowers bloom and angels fart and the best live music this side of the other side be played by four of the fun-lovingest gentlemen that ever did walk the earth. I miss you guys. Play on, little men, play on.
Benito from The Equator, D.C.
May 11, 2006

Saw my first Scythian show...Sober that is, and your still awesome sober. My Bro on the other hand puked up Shepard's Pie, thankfully not in my car. Poor boy's first show, he didn't know what he was getting himself into - see you at Brits in June.
Danny from West Chester/Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
May 2, 2006

As always you guys are a lot of FUN!!!! We saw you once again at Brittingham's and as always danced our hearts out. We can't wait to see you in June. Thanks guys
Jamie from Ardsley, Pennsylvania
May 1, 2006

Saw you last night at Brittingham's Pub. Fantastic!!!I enjoyed the extra accordian number. My only disappointment to the evening was arriving to late and missing your 1st set, but was able to purchase one of those fashionable shirts. There is only one success, to spend your life in your own way. -Christopher Morley
Pamela from Berwyn, Pennsylvania
April 30, 2006

just went to your show in west chester last week and it was fantastic. at the beginning I was pissed cause of the 5bucks entry fee (didn't know you guys were comin) but afterwards I thought - should have been at least 20 dollars! anyway...great job! hey and where are the pictures you promised to upload? I'm back in germany and wanna see them:-) cu you again! all the best from europe, matt
matt from germany, Pennsylvania
April 24, 2006

Fellas, Caught your show last night at Stouts in NYC. We were the Ole ole ole guys. Thanks from a bunch of Marines.
Jim from Beaufort, South Carolina
April 23, 2006

Saw You guys last weekend in WestChester great show I've never seen anything like it, I was the little black gril in the front and I thought you were great, I was Jamming
Midgie from Wilmington, Delaware
April 22, 2006

FANTASTIC show in the Burgh (sorry for the late pos!)Hope yinz had a grand time in our fine home-tahn. Did you ever find Primantis??
Shannon, Gretchen, Alice, Johnny 5 from Washington, D.C.
April 22, 2006

Just saw you guys last night at Kildare's in West Chester. Absolutely fantastic. Best band I've seen come through there in a loooong time, if not ever. Better than Black Thorne. Great show!
Brian from West Chester, Pennsylvania
April 15, 2006

Once agian had to say hi from Iraq once again. You owe me some shots. Hope to see you guys when I get back, and no, I still dont know how to ski, snowboard, or skate or anything about it. Have a great easter, greatings from the sand box, Jose, the long lost ex-coworker.
Jose from Tq, Iraq, Virginia
April 13, 2006

Lads, Awesome opening show at McGinty's last Saturday. I was the guy who asked for the "Mohican Theme" and then danced like a fool to it, of course - still can't believe you covered that one - incredible! Thanks for the great music and, from what I remember, the carbombs weren't bad either! See you at the next...
Scott from Laurel, Maryland
April 6, 2006

Laddies, Congrats on your McGinty's grand opening gigs! The energy was ecstaticly intoxicating or intoxicatingly exstatic or intaxtically entixated, well you get the idea, but it was a pleasure to experience. Also Happy One Year to your FANTASTIC Drummer Mikey...way to move us with your rockin nuances!!! Finally, would you please let poor Steve get some rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;l
Anne from Spriingfield, Virginia
April 2, 2006

Need some pics from the Sat Paddy's Feast in Philly - on March 18th. Hopefully someone go me and my friend flipping around, drunk-silly!. Great show!
Dan from Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
March 24, 2006

Ah, lads, just looking at your summer lineup gives me the goosebumps - all those outdoor venues! - I can hardly wait. You've already established yourselves as a tambourine-banging rowdy bar band without rival, but this summer you'll show us that you're a dance-barefoot-under-the-tilting-stars band, too. See you there -- I'll be the one with the bells on her ankles and the flowers in her hair. :)
Lauren from Silver Spring, Maryland
March 23, 2006

Overwhelmed from Nova, Virginia
March 22, 2006

Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!
Paulo from NY, Alabama
March 22, 2006

TOMMY from ORELAND, Pennsylvania
March 20, 2006

"I survived St. Paddy's Day with Scythian"...can we get some t-shirts made up, please???? St. Paddy's Day = fun St. Paddy's Day in NYC = lots o' fun St. Paddy's Day in NYC @Stout, on a Friday, with Scythian, playing from 5pm till after midnight = One tough Saturday!! I honestly can't remember having that much fun, for so many hours, and can still remember just about everything that happened...well, er, let me take that back, I think I remember. What I will always remember, and hope to tell my grandkids one day, is that I had the best St. Patricks Day of my life in 2006...with great friends, great beer, and one great band whose performance got me dancing while the sun was still shining! See you in April!
Donna from Jersey City, New Jersey
March 20, 2006

Boys, you are, yet again, the epitome of all that is fun and kind. I had a blast this past weekend, and even came home with a little sunburn(the nickname Red starts to make more sense at a time like this). I hope you guys get some rest before this weekend. St. Paddy's day will not be the same without you. But alas Montreal is calling our names, and we must paint the town red.
amalia from washington, D.C.
March 14, 2006

Excitement,amazing, and crowd pleasing entertainment. Wow, I finally had the opportunity to see you again las night at Brittingham's Irish Pub. Keep the accordian for it adds a spark to the evening. Smiles and Cheers!
Pamela from Berwyn, Pennsylvania
March 5, 2006

Saw you guys for the first time at Fado last week. Thanks to Erin I now know how fabulous the sounds are...guess I'll become a faithful follower now :) i leave near bethlehem, so im totally hyping you up for musikfest this summer!!!
Samantha from Washington, D.C.
March 3, 2006

Pint of Guinness: $4.50...........shot of Jagermeister: $3.00.....Pulling up to the drive thru winndow of White Castle wearing nothing but Scythian's washboard: Priceless. Who should I mail this thing back to? see ya soon guys. good times sun night. cheers, Shilelagh Law
Denny from Da bronx, New York
February 27, 2006

Fedoryka's and Mr. Crosby (as well as your new drummer, Mike), Thank you for giving some life to Franciscan Alumni. Sometimes I wonder if anyone does anything other than DRE, Catholic Schools, or Diocesan Work. You are salt for "the hill"! God bless your endeavors and come to Texas!!! There are some that are Irish down here... and if not, they need to be cultured! In love with the Lamb, Wendy
Wendy from Spring, Texas
February 24, 2006

hey les. this is candice herself from dublin, remember? well i was just reminiscing and looked u up...glad youre doin well, looked for yis on myspace. it didnt work. im theswagoperation
candice from dublin, Wyoming
February 19, 2006

Just saw your article in the good ol' Franciscan Way. Was in Austria with Dan (I think he was only 17) and I think German class with Leks in Steubenville. Glad to see you guys are kickin' butt in the Philly area. I live in Allentown and hope to catch one of your shows coming up! Best wishes to all of you!
Karen from Allentown, Pennsylvania
February 14, 2006

Hello! I saw you play at Iota on Tuesday with Lindsay. Your energy and love for the music is so unique and inspirational. I absolutely love your music and you really inspired me to get back to playing my violin. I will definitely be coming out to see you at Fado (I might not be able to make it out tonight, but definitely next week). Thank you for taking the time to meet me and sign Aiden's Orbit! I've been listening to it ever since Tuesday. Thanks again and I can't wait to hear and see you guys again!
Jane from Silver Spring, Maryland
February 2, 2006

Hey guys im friends with megan keener, and she told me about guys, i cant wait to see you guys play and u guys are now considered to be the best irish band crase in history, streeming all over the east coast, bringing in the cheer and the warmth and fun of all the music you play. YOU GUYS ROCK!
Sean from Havertown, Pennsylvania
January 30, 2006

Thank you for a kickass show!! Hubby and I saw you guys at Brittingham's on Saturday night and had a blast! We love your talent and your energy; we'll gladly drive an hour (or more) to see you again.
Laura & Brian from Boyertown, Pennsylvania
January 30, 2006

We saw the show at Brittingham's last evening (1-28). The energy and the musicianship was amazing and the crowd surely sees that you lads are having a blast. We are already planning the next night out with you boys.
Michael from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 29, 2006

Last week at Kildare's - in Manayunk, you guys were awesome! Management had to come up and tell the crowd to stop jumping up and down b/c we made the ceiling lights shake and break or something!
Danny from West Chester, Pennsylvania
January 22, 2006

Fed and boys: Congrats! From the basement of the Prod house and Chill on the Hill to the streets of Ireland, now NYC! Truly a pleasure to hear ya'll play. Thanks for the memories.
Peach from San Diego, California
January 19, 2006

Lesyk and Danylo---just heard about Scythians on VOA/ukraine website. Good article. I'm back in NYC and DC a few times a year. Will try to see you play next time. Say hi to Terenya. Na zdorovya!
Levko from Los Angeles, California
January 19, 2006

Thanks so much for coming to CUA for the benefit concert. I loved dancing to your music again and I finally got "Dance at the Crossroads"! Come back soon!
Catherine from Washington, D.C.
January 19, 2006

Greetings, former neighbors! I moved back to New England this fall and have yet to find a venue with the same caliber of music that ya'll offer. Any chance you'll venture up Boston-way? I think Beantown needs a Scythian invasion! Keep up the amazing work!
Elizabeth from Manchester, New Hampshire
January 17, 2006

Just saw you guys last night at Mick O'Sheas in Baltimore.....AWESOME!!! Best live music I have heard in awhile. Can't wait til the next show!
Rose from Baltimore, Maryland
January 8, 2006

Just saw your site through Strilka - I think the Scythians are hot, hot, hot!
Natalia from Toronto, New York
December 29, 2005

heres one from your fan base accross the water, your ever growing irish fan base. ive only seen you guys twice but yous beat any truly celtic band ive ever seen. keep on playing and ill be over to see you guys play next year.
conor from Bangor, N. Ireland, Massachusetts
December 24, 2005

You great music! We like many.
Liu Chang from Beijing, D.C.
December 22, 2005

Everybody does one because it's so great: Pachelbel's Canon in D. You lads would come up with a fabulous one - how about it?!
Kat (&Christina) from Boston, Massachusetts
December 20, 2005

Hi Guys!! I wish i was able to hang & chat on Saturday. I do apologize for leaving so quickly. Hopefully one day in the near and dear? You guys were great as always and getting better every time i hear you. Well, have to get back to work you know Pat is a slave driver! "lol" All, take care, have happy and safe holidays! P.S. Danylo, Thanks again, Autumn had a great time singing with you!
Marlaina from Celtic Flooring, LLC, Virginia
December 12, 2005

You guys are awsome. Im making all my friends come to NYC for my birthday to see you at STOUT. So yeah now you get to see the crazy Midshipmen in a real bar. See ya on the 17th
J from Annapolis, Maryland
December 12, 2005

Hey guys, I saw you in November at the new Flanagan’s and had a great time…I keep checking your show schedule and noticed that you are not scheduled to play there in 2006. That this mean you are not coming to Flanagans anymore?
Eva from Rockville, Maryland
December 11, 2005

Great show at the boyel's tonight, it was really wonderful. Ill definately come out and see you guys again
Katrine from Burke, Virginia
December 10, 2005

nen and red here... thank you for being beautiful enablers. ruining our livers one song at a time. xo
amalia and lauren from washington, D.C.
December 10, 2005

Saw you at Brittingham's on Saturday. It was a blast! I've been doing nothing but hailing you guys to everyone since. Can't wait till you come back! We'll do more car bombs together!
Lisa from Bridgeport, Pennsylvania
December 6, 2005

December 6, 2005

Great Show On Gene Shay tonight...I hope to catch you folks live soon...Love the eclectic sounds! We have to get you guys to come up to Philly Folk Festival in 2006...camping there is the best!! Happy Holidays! Docterry of the Greystone Ramblers
Terry from West Chester, Pennsylvania
December 4, 2005

300 friends, a mansion in Philly, the thrilling mystery of a masquerade ball, live music and dancing wildly in formal attire until the wee hours of the new year... Sounds like the best possible way to ring in 2006. This is the kind of party it would be a nothing short of a tragedy to miss: a no-holds-barred, "Did I really do that?!?"/"Oh yes, yes you did...", leave-your-inhibitions-at-the-door and your-sorrows-out-in-the-street-somewhere, shimmy-like-your-life-depends-on-it, just have a *riiiidiculous* good time party. Only you, lads - only you. May Philadelphia talk about it for YEARS to come.
Mistress of Exuberant Long-Windedness, from Springfield, Virginia
December 4, 2005

Thanks for hailing us a cab after OShea's on friday! See you soon!
Jamie from Baltimore, Maryland
December 4, 2005

Thanks for a great night last night, it was a blast! The best part may have been the after-party dance lesson. Let me know if you guys need any more of those, or if you've got people begging for dancers :)
Lisa from Bmore, Maryland
December 3, 2005

OK, so your crazy sister Larissa lives with me and showed me your band. Of course I told her I wanted to burn the cds. Of course she said GO right ahead! But then I thought I better just buy them from you. So I will buy them from her and I guess she will take the money for you ;). Oh and I just wanted you all to know that Larissa and I are twins and were seperated at there are 11 children ! :) Rebekah Ankrom (Fedoryka) P.S. We were both fat and bald till we were two...and like to eat our reese's from the middle out Ia vas liubliu! Rebekah
Rebekah from Boston, Massachusetts
December 1, 2005

I have a friend Ann (Lives In Anchorage) who went to school with one of you guys, she truned me on to your web site and I love your stuff, got both albums, hope you can make it to Anchorage, Ann says she will put you up if you come to town.
Buck from Eagle River, Alaska
November 29, 2005

i *heart* you guys. thank you. that's all... xo
amalia from washington, D.C.
November 19, 2005

Hey guys...Ohio was awesome, huh?! It was fun hanging out with all of you. Love the albums and will be sure to spread the word.
Ethan from San Leandro, California
November 17, 2005

You guys are awesome!!
Brian from Annapolis, Maryland
November 16, 2005

It's always worth it, even for one or two songs. You got the Kennedy Center crowd up on their feet -- and THAT is a colossal achievement in and of itself. Bravo, lads. Play on.
L from washington, D.C.
November 9, 2005

you guys rockkkkk angela
angela from doylestown, Pennsylvania
November 7, 2005

I just found your website! I just wanted to say I saw you for the first time at Moores for the Irish Festival and thought you were great! I really hope you come again next year and I am hoping I get to see you sooner when you play in the Philly area! I don't want to wait another year before hearing your music again!
Linda from Swedesboro, New Jersey
November 5, 2005

Ever think about coming up to the land of Irish music?, not Ireland. Yonkers, baby.
Brian from Bronx, New York
November 3, 2005

Fabulous! Tremendous! Can't we just stay here forever? These were a few things that ran through my mind as my heart danced to the sound of your music. What a great show at Frany U. Hope to catch another show soon.
Katherine Pigen from Steubenville, Ohio
October 29, 2005

"They can take away your car, but they can never take away your fun" --Joey Gas: $30.00 Tolls: $20.00 Cover: $10.00 Dinner@Stout: $40.00 Retrieval of Towed Car: $300.00 HAVING SCYTHIAN DEDICATE THEIR 3RD SET TO YOU: PRICELESS!!!
Nicole from Philly, Pennsylvania
October 23, 2005

I'm officially settled in Jamaica and miss my Thursday nights at Fados. There just doesn't seem to be any irish bars or music in reggae country. just visiting your site to stir up some fond memories and you're making me homesick! can't wait till i can hear you live again next year!
Jess from Kingston, Jamaica, D.C.
October 19, 2005

Awesome show at O'Shea's! Best show I have ever been to. Look forward to seeing ya'll play whenever I can.
Phil from Annapolis, Maryland
October 17, 2005

You guys rocked Irish week-end. Best band I saw. Can't wait til your back in Philly to see the show again.
Colleen from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 14, 2005

First time at a show last night...but now Fado's shall be the tradition. Simply amazing, can't wait until next time!
Nick from Arlington, Virginia
October 14, 2005

You guys were awesome at the colonial tavern! but u should play more shows down here... at places where i wont get kicked out because im not 21.
Kim from Fredericksburg, Virginia
October 10, 2005

The show was AWESOME at The Colonial Tavern. Scythian you should come back to Fredericksburg if you get the chance. We'd love to see ya again.
Danielle from Locust Grove, Virginia
October 10, 2005

Hey Guys! Thanks for the opportunity to Join y'all on stage again. A great night at Flanagans!
The Waterboy from Bethesda, Maryland
October 10, 2005

Hey Guys!! When the heck are you getting out here to Chicago?? I'm going through some Scythian withdrawl and Fado's withdrawl. Please come soon!!! If you need a place to crash, there's plenty of room here
Carrie from Chicago, Illinois
October 6, 2005

Hey guys - hope you enjoyed your time in Columbus, OH. I'm a good Irish lass who happened to be in Byrne's Pub last Saturday night (fate or luck?) and had the privilege of hearing you rock out. Thanks for a great time (especially enjoyed the play-along drinking song!) Come back soon!
Colleen from Columbus, Ohio
October 6, 2005

Scythian helped me rock out my birthday! Thanks for the good time, guys! I'll be doing "the scurvy" for a long, long time....
Abbey from Bethesda, Maryland
October 6, 2005

Hi! I was at the Franciscan University of Stuebenville this past weekend, because my sister's attending there, and I got to see you guys. It was one of the best concert experiences I've ever had--and certainly the best Irish concert. You know how to be exciting without being obnoxious, and you haven't lost the gift of a beautiful waltz! It's a huge thing in today's society. :) Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!
Aisling from Medina, Ohio
October 3, 2005

LOVED your show at Moore's two weeks ago, finally got off me arse and found your site to make some comments. Hope to catch you on your next trip to the Philly area!
Mike D from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 3, 2005

Well, Lads, what a weekend!!??! Hope you guys had a great time at your first Irish weekend...hope you come back for more. Genuinely enjoyed your shows; congrats for really knocking their socks off! Hope you made it home safely on Sunday night. Be glad you left...we're all still trying to put the nite together. Seriously. I look forward to catching a show soon. Take care.
Karen---Causeway from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
September 29, 2005

WOW! What an amazin jam I witnessed at Irish Weekend on Sunday with you lads and Blackthorn!!!! I was sooooooo impressed by the interaction of the fiddlers and squeeze box. Being a Blackthorn fan for a LOOOONG time, I have seen many a jam..........but that was the BEST BY FAR!! I look forward to seeing yas in the Philly area soon. Slainte, Bob
Bob a/k/a POTATOES from Sicklerville, New Jersey
September 28, 2005

You guys kicked ass this past Irish weekend! Sunday inbetween Blackthorn sets & with Blackthorn was awesome. You need to add more Philly dates to your tour, cause I can't wait to have that much fun again. Thanks for a great time.
Jenn from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 28, 2005

The jam session with Blackthorn on Sunday night at Irish Weekend in North Wildwood, NJ was one of the greatest I have ever heard. I wish there was video or audio of it somewhere. It was improvisation at its finest. The two bands were genuinely having a great time on stage.
Bob from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 27, 2005

JESSE from MANASSAS, Virginia
September 26, 2005

Although you've played at a lot of venues in the Philly area, the first time I had to chance to see you was at Moore's this past Irish Weekend. You guys rocked!! Not only during your sets but on Sunday night with Blackthorn...that was amazing. Enjoyed chatting with you guys afterwards - See you at Brittingham's next month. (5.125%!!) LOL
Bob from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
September 26, 2005

You lads sure rocked the roof off of the Irish festival in N. Wildwood this weekend! Best fiddlers on the beach I tells ya - We especially appreciated your drinking game version of Finnegan's Wake. Can't wait until the 15th at Brittingham's in Philly - I'll be the dancin fool up front
Danny Boy from Philly, Pennsylvania
September 26, 2005

So glad to be able to catch your shows last week. Told my sister to look out for you in Columbus. And just for the record, Dominic was wrong; you guys would totally beat N-Sync in an alley fight! Thanks for the music...
steph from arlington, Virginia
September 22, 2005

Saw and heard you at Ukrainian Zabava in Toronto. You have to come to Chicago Many Irish and Ukies out here
Gene from Mt Prospect, Illinois
September 20, 2005

You guys were amazing at Stout in Ny last week! I can't wait to see the pics!
Kells from Boston, Massachusetts
September 16, 2005

I refuse to answer the poll because I know that if Joey were an animal, he would be the Most Magnificant Cow prancing through the fields. Lovely to see you all last night, as always. We shall meet again in Fredericksburg.
Kathy from Orange, Virginia
September 16, 2005

I saw you guys at Stout two weeks ago and was really very impressed. You guys put on a great show and I've already marked my calendar for when you will be there next!
Diane from New York, New York
September 15, 2005

Bob Marley said the good thing about music is when it hits you you feel no pain. You guys hit us with music and it was amazing. Jeff, the Argentineans, and the rest of us had a great time. We'll see you at Mic O'Sheas
Ivy from Baltimore, Maryland
September 12, 2005

Scythian is the best band in D.C. They rocked the house again last night at Fado, as usual. Great music and great performers on stage.
Bill from Fairfax, Virginia
September 9, 2005

You NEED to come back to Toronto. You had everyone rocking in their seats and along the harbourfront. Fabulous band!! P.S. - Add Toronto to your list.
Anna from Toronto, New York
September 9, 2005

Yo-ah From Ave Maria University!! Nearly everyone I spoke to the next day was sore from dancing!! You guys were really awesome! You even got the reluctant (which wasn't me) dancing!! I hope to see you guys again when I'm in D.C. in January!!
Tara from Naples, Florida
September 8, 2005

You rocked Harbourfront Toronto this past weekend and God bless you for it! We need more of your energy in Toronto. You are all blessed and talented and have alot of spirit. Tanya:)
Tanya from Toronto, Hawaii
September 8, 2005

Hi guys!! It's the trio girls from Toronto! You guys put on an awesome show. Great energy. Hope you come back to Toronto some time. Good luck with everything. Say hi to Sara and Meghan for us! P.S. our c.d. will be in the mail...soon.
Katarina, Oresta, Natalia from Toronto, Wyoming
September 7, 2005

What an amazing show on Sunday in Toronto! Your performances were, most definitely, the highlight of the Toronto Harbourfront Centre Ukrainian Festival. I love the CD.... I told all my friends about your band. Hope you come back to our city soon. Wishing you all much deserved success!
Aleksandra from Toronto, New York
September 7, 2005

Coming from someone who grew up in the New Orleans area, I want to thank the lads for their wonderful show of hurricane relief support at the Fado show last Thursday. The crowd was feeling you guys and it rocked the house even more than usual. My mother was tickled by the sounds of "Danny Boy." She'll probably never be the same. Thanks.
Ben from Fairfax, Virginia
September 6, 2005

What an awesome pyrohy-eating, garlic-breathing, Ukrainian good time in Toronto last night! Thanks for the great show at the cabaret. We listened to our signed CD on the drive home to Hamilton! (ps. this form made me choose a state, so i picked Oklahoma... not even near Ontario but that's okay!)
Stephanie from Hamilton, Oklahoma
September 5, 2005

Hello Lesuk , Danulko..Alex & Joe how was Lubas pankcakes the next morning?? Firm and supple? yes????? hahaha Great show last night @ Harborfront, This is what toronto is missing, you lads need to frequent this place more often. Hmmmm.......washington isnt too far :-) Hope you enjoyed Toronto, shame we should of showed you around Natalka, kristinka, Marta
Kristinka from Guelph, Hawaii
September 5, 2005

True to my word, I immediately burned your CD onto my iPod as soon as I got home(eventually) from the Ukie Zabava in Toronto. See the subway had closed and I had to cab it - your show was worth it! Did Joey enjoy the rest of his birthday? I hope you manage to gt back up to Toronto - we've loads of Irish pubs that should be scrambling to book you guys!
Monika from Toronto, New York
September 4, 2005

You guys were awesome in Alpharetta last week. My friends and I had a great time!
Andre from Alpharetta, Georgia
September 1, 2005

The sore feet on Friday from dancing all Thursday night was a great way to remember you guys.I loved you guys but you owe me Dirty Old Town! When will you be back in GA?
Marian from Alpharetta, Georgia
August 28, 2005

You guys rocked at Kildare's in West Chester last Saturday. When you are back in the area we will definitely be out!
Sue from Unionville, Pennsylvania
August 25, 2005

Well Lads What a great show last night at Tir na Nog in Raleigh. I talked to you about up coming Gaelic Festival Oct 1st. Sadly your already booked. But The Irish went mad last night. You kicked some serious ass. Looking foward to seeing you back in Raleigh. Send me the press kit. the CD I got last night is brillant. Take care have a safe trip. Annie Nice Gaelic Festival event director. check us out at
Annie from Raleigh, North Carolina
August 25, 2005

We were with you guys last night at Murphy's,and also at the O'Brien wedding in PA.You 're wonderful any time you get down this way again we'll bring our roudy crowd and be with you. We hope to see you soon.
George from Virginia Beach, Virginia
August 23, 2005

Hi! We're MINSTRELS. ELDOORADO. POE. If You interested old music You wellcome our PILOTS Web SITE:
Serge from St.Petersburg-Kherson, Virginia
August 22, 2005

You guys were awesome last night at Kildare's!! You made my night when you played Flogging Molly, plus that nursery rhyme song was really cool. You rock. :)
Maggie from West Chester, Pennsylvania
August 21, 2005

How can I convince y'all to come down to Houston? Please keep us in mind. I heard you on the Bob Edwards show - would love to hear you live.
Karen from Houston, Texas
August 21, 2005

WOW!! Thanks for another awesome night having fun dancing and smiling my Saturday night away. Kildares West Chester. Safe travels on your Southern Tour.
Pamela from Berwyn, Pennsylvania
August 21, 2005

We saw you once at the Swingin' Summer Thursday event at West Chester, then a friend invited us to see you again at Kildare's in West Chester last night. You all have so much talent and really gave a great husband and I enjoyed dancing ,cheering, and just being fascinated by your amazing music. Viva Scythian!
Steven and Josie from West Chester, Pennsylvania
August 21, 2005

The Fado show last night, and every Thursday night, makes it so hard to come in to work on Fridays, but it's worth it! You guys are great and listening to your CDs makes my commute easier! See you back at Fado September 1st.
Morgan from Arlington, Virginia
August 19, 2005

Hi, I never heard of you guys and never seen you. I checked the Meehan's website for upcoming events, then your website and I can't wait to see you Thursday night. I guess I better leave the high heels home and bring the dancing shoes instead.
Marian from Alpharetta, Georgia
August 18, 2005

I'm a new fan that has only seen your show twice (the last 2 shows at O'Shea's) I love your music. I'm a dance teacher for Balto. Co. and I am going to try and use some of your songs for class.
Jennifer from Baltimore, Maryland
August 15, 2005

Wow!!! What a great time we all had last night -- you guys are really fantastic. Our friends and family raved over the FABULOUS TIME we had last night! See you in the 'hood.
Carolyn from Alexandria, Virginia
August 12, 2005

After seeing you all at Fado on July 28th my friend Kelly lent me your CD. That weekend, as I was pulling into a parking spot in Red Bank, NJ with the windows down and the CD on, this guy who was getting into his car was like, "Who is that?!" so I told him and he said, "Man, that's some really good fiddle!" I told him the website and he said he'd check it out. Hope to see you at Fado again soon!
Emily from Arlington, Virginia
August 11, 2005

I love your sound. My grandson is in the Irish band Ciunas, and I love the Celtic sound. I enjoyed your time on the Bob Edwards show this morning. Keep up the great work and please come to So. Cal so we may catch you live. Thanks-
Bob from Valencia, California
August 10, 2005

I temporarily live in Utah and heard about Scythian today via my mother in Texas. Visited this website to see what all of the fuss is about and, I must say, I am very impressed! Can't wait to hear more from the group soon.
Katy from Provo, Utah
August 10, 2005

Awesome night again at Flannagans in Bethesda, all my international friends (Argentinian, Serbian, Russian and Ukranian) enjoyed the rythms off the music that you guys play, thank you for making us dance all night. Hope to see you back at Flannagas in Bethesda.
Fernando from Bethesda, D.C.
August 10, 2005

My children and I had an awesome time rocking in the streets of West Chester last week. Just checked out your site and saw our pics on your site! How cool is that:) I was the mom who came back and returned the red shaker. We are having another Swingin' Thursday in Sept--any chance you'll be back?
Diane from West Chester, Pennsylvania
August 10, 2005

My daughter is still telling everyone about her night she sang with Scythian and won a T shirt. You made her night and ours.Your music makes dancing in the street easy.What a great band. Thanks for the wonderful time
Dave from West Chester, Pennsylvania
August 8, 2005

had lots of fun dancing with the band in west chester
Maura from Downing town, Pennsylvania
August 8, 2005

Awesome, amazing, unbelievable performance. I think I shall have to go to Ireland now, or next best thing come to watch you perform soon. Pamela Nechville
Pamela from Berwyn, Pennsylvania
August 5, 2005

Thanks for all the Philly bookings, you guys are really working the entire East Coast, wow! Just remember us in Philly!
Dan from Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
August 5, 2005

OMG, I just saw Scythian in West Chester, PA! What an immensely talented and entertaining band! Unfortunately, I only caught the last 20-30 minutes of your set. However, within that time, you got a new fan! I'll definitely be looking for you guys in NYC and will be spreading the word in the mean time. You guys rock! Can't wait to hear you on Bob Edwards XM 133. ~Spread the Virus! XM 202~
Howard from Belmar, New Jersey
August 4, 2005

Thanks for booking the Dixie Tour! I have a friend who just moved to GA recently so will be making the trek over for the show on the 25th in Atlanta/Alpharetta to visit her and see y'all again. Looking forward to the gig!
Michelle from New Orleans, Louisiana
August 4, 2005

Holy Crap, you guys are awesome! New York needs a band like you full time! Can't wait to see you in September. I'll be spreading the word from now until telling my Virginia friends to tell all their Virginia friends to check you out in DC. I'm hooked!!
Donna from Elmwood Park, New Jersey
July 31, 2005

I saw you guys 2x when I was in DC last I'm out in California, and I'm *still* thinking damn, those guys are cool, damn, that was a roaring foot stomping good time! I want to be the first to know if yall ever come to San Francisco!! My summer is just not comlete without you guys and a couple irish car bombs :-P
Vanessa from San Francisco, California
July 23, 2005

I hope you can read Ukrainian! Хлопці, чому в Україні ніде не можна знайти ваші записи? Як же так можна? Приїздили б до нас на Країну Мрій або на Шешори! Привіт з України!!!!! Марина з Киэва Maryna from Kyiv, Ukraine
Maryna from Kyiv, D.C.
July 19, 2005

...And thus ends another night at Finnigan's Wake, in madness, as usual. (I owe Joe 2 phone calls already!) Anyway, it's 5AM, still here dealing with the craziness. If there ever was an Irish Studio 54, it would be Finnigan's, and yet again you guys have ensured people will be saying forever: "Yeah, I remember that night...Scythian was playing and (fill in their own blanks)!" For "summer in the city" - a city an hour away from the Jersey shore, you guys, as usual, blew the roof off the place. We've had The Violent Femmes, Cranberries, Thin Lizzy, Ian Hunter/Mott the Hoople, Joan Jett..etc. grace our stages, and you guys are as talented if not more than a lot of them. And on top of that, you're actually GOOD guys. Gotta love that. Anyway, it's only 5am - you may yet still see me 2nite~! Thanks again for being part of "what we do!" -Jimmy GM Finnigan's Wake, Philadelphia
Jimmy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 17, 2005

I saw you mealltach boys in phili on the 25th for the first time.. I loved your show. I loved how you threw in a flogging molly song at the end! i danced like a fool all night and loved every second of it. My friends and I are still talking about it! thanks for the good time and GO MBEANNAI` DIATHU`
Brianne from Brick, New Jersey
July 15, 2005

Was in Philly for the weekend of the Fourth and caught the show at the Art Museum - enjoyed the music so much I missed seeing most of the art! I see that there are a couple of other postings from Louisiana, so y'all really do need to get a gig down south sometime soon -cheers and have a great summer!
Michelle from New Orleans, Louisiana
July 9, 2005

Work is the curse of the drinking class--Oscar Wilde Thanks for yet another great evening...The Eternal City now awaits you
Marthe from potomac, Maryland
July 8, 2005

Saw you in Baltimore, hope to see you in Ohio! You would all do well at one of our Irish Festivals!!!
Julia from Columbus, Ohio
July 5, 2005

My friend and I fought the torrential downpour and treacherous lightening storm to see you guys open for Live8 this past weekend - such a different atmosphere, playing in a museum! You really got some of those more stoic individuals to groove, congrats! Another great night - can't wait to see you guys in Mick's!
Lisa from Baltimore, Maryland
July 4, 2005

Hi Guys! I was the ridiculous birthday girl on 6/25 who managed to get on stage and made funny gestures to one of your songs and won a free beer- can't remember the title, no suprise! I had such a great time that night. My boyfriend and I purchased a CD and have been listening to it since! You were awesome, can't wait to see you again!!!
Tiffany from Phila., Pennsylvania
June 30, 2005

Thanks for the great show at Finnegans on Saturday! Bah on those people at the beach! We did have a much better time than they did.
Erica from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 27, 2005

Hey Guys: My Wife and I saw you for the first time today at the Penn's Landing Irish Festival and we really enjoyed your show. We will definitely be catching your shows at Finnegan's Wake and the Irish Festival in Wildwood in September. Best of Luck and Much Success.
Jim from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 26, 2005

We saw you guys for the first time at Penn's Landing this weekend...GREAT BAND! Congrats on your team up w/ Blackthorn. Looking fowrad to future shows. But if my daughter gets a fake i.d, somebody is in big trouble! Best of Luck to you all! Colleen & Amanda, Bucks cty, Pa.
Colleen from Warrington, Pennsylvania
June 26, 2005

Hey guys. I have been monitoring your progress from Richmond and I am so happy for your success. You deserve it, of course. I will try to catch a show the next time I am up in Nova. I miss you guys and I hope all is well.
Kathy from Richmond, Virginia
June 16, 2005

Words cannot begin to express how beautiful the Scythian vibe is. Alex, and especially Megan, thanks for the 'craic' last Thurs. (6/11) at Finn McCool's. It was a very welcoming exprience, and the music? Blew me away, I danced all night! Thanks for sharing your gifts. Light/Love & Laughter
Ife the Black Bansidhe from NW, D.C.
June 16, 2005

hi guys--- Im a member of the street team, and i got ur cd and flaming fiddle (music amoung friends) t-shirt for my birthday on the 19th of may. i had never had a better birthday. i cranked up your music and partied the night away. you guys rock!!!! keep up the awesome work ill be at a show soon!!!
Olivia from Manassas, Virginia
June 14, 2005

You guys make quite an impression. I crave more Scythian!! That means you must come to Anchorage...I told you I'd work on getting you out there, so don't be surprised if you're requested in the great white north. You game? ANSWER: Bring it
Melissa from Anchorage, Alaska
June 13, 2005

Carter introduced me to your band, and then I promptly fell in love with your music. I play the violin and have more than a fond appreciation for the beauty in your music. I can't wait until my CDs get here. And, if I might put in a small request--could you perhaps plan a tour out to the West coast area, in, shall we say, Monterey, California? ANSWER: We're shooting for Cali within the year - we'll keep you posted...
Rachael from Monterey, California
June 13, 2005

Leks, I must say, I should have taken your advice. You warned me about the tambourine and waking up with bruises. Let's just say, you were right. I couldn't quite figure out why my hand hurt but then there was a slow recollection. You guys rocked Finn MacCool's and Fado this weekend. I can't wait to see you again - it's like an addiction but an ooohhhh so good one!!! :)
Carrie from Woodbridge, Virginia
June 12, 2005

Yikes... lads... I gotta say, by now you have some really blackmail-worthy pictures of me up on your site. You're lucky that by now I'm rather fond of public humiliation otherwise you could take me for all I'm worth. *wry grin*
Lauren from Falls Church, Virginia
June 10, 2005

You guys are great! The music is awesome and gives everyone energy. You should come out and play at Franciscan University!
Lisa from Manassas, Virginia
June 9, 2005

I saw you guys play at Fado's and you were amazing! All of you are extremely talented, it was one of the hightlights of my trip. I have to say though, that Danu was my favorite "site" to see here in DC.
Anne from Portland, Maine
June 7, 2005

Flanagan's 5/27... you guys rocked. As usual the rescue workers were there in full force. never a disappointment
Phil from Gaithersburg, Maryland
June 2, 2005

Hey..saw you at Flanagan's on 5/ guys hit an all new high..I'll bet your mother is very proud of both her boys!
Mary from Bethesda, Maryland
May 30, 2005

Heylooo Scythian! I will be seeing you guys on June 9th @ Fado's! So get your game faces on! It's my farewell Fado/BDay party for don't worry, there will be plenty of people celebrating w/ me! Oh, and if you could, pleeaassee fit in a round o' two of car bombs..come on, for my birthday?? See you all thursday!
Kelly from NorVa, Virginia
May 29, 2005

Saw you for the first time at Kildare's in Manayunk last year, and had a great time! Been trying to come back for the last year, but the past 2 times I've showed up at Kildare's in Manayunk, the gig has been changed to West Chester. I've invited friends from out of town and everything. What gives? Who can I yell at? Thanks! ANSWER: Kildares Mgt. - We were scheduled to play Manayunk but were swapped. We were confused too - sorry about that!
Chris from Manayunk, Pennsylvania
May 28, 2005

I love you guys! come play in canada? ANSWER: We'll be headlining the Harbourfront Centre International Festival for Labor Day in Toronto Sept. 2-5 so see you there!
alisha from hamilton, ontario, Michigan
May 27, 2005

Do you guys play any rebel songs? ANSWER: YES - Black and Tans (on Aidan's Orbit), Jacobites, Fields of Athenry, I Will Go, Whiskey in the Jar, By the Rising of the Moon, Follow Me to Carlow
Thomas from Jacksonville , Florida
May 17, 2005

Dan, I hope your smoothness with the ladies has increased since Austria...
Andrew from Jacksonville, Florida
May 17, 2005

I thought to myself, hmm, irish music, dunno if that's my thing. BUT you were ABSOLUTELY GREAT on saturday nite at Finn McCools, definitely coming back to hear you guys!
Jenn from Washington, D.C.
May 16, 2005

Saw you guys at Fado last night and it was AWESOME!!! Didn't know Irish music could rock so much but you guys pulled it off hard core...I'll definitely be checking you out at your Philly locations when I get home...Thanks so much for one of the best live shows I've EVER seen!!
Keri from Howell, New Jersey
May 13, 2005

Caught a bit of your performance during this past St Paddy's Day Parade in DC and both my husband and I enjoyed your great sound and energy. I didn't think too much about it again until yesterday when I received the Alumni Newsletter and realized that you went to FUS, too. What a riot! I used to LIVE at Flanny's in a past life and have already booked the babysitter so we can hit your May 20th show. Can't wait!!
Maureen from Annapolis, Maryland
May 13, 2005

YO YO YO!!! I had so much fun the other night at Flannagan's! Thank you so much for such a great show! My friends and I were definately amused! I have to say that I enjoyed the drummer's abs of steel/washboard abs (which just so happened to double as a musical instrument)Lex fyi..only 4 carbombs in a row?? I still am one up on you..let me know when you catch up! haha only kidding! If you all happen to travel to the midwest(doubtful) be sure to drop me a line! Thanks for such a great show!!
Julie from Cincinnati, Ohio
May 6, 2005

Hey, hey, hey! Finally, after many pledges from a friend, I looked you guys up on your site. Well, can say that I am impressed, and once more, proud to be a Ukrainian... Will hopefully come see you either this gig or the one in Baltimore. So, be in your best shape - "ide komisiya"....
marta from baltimore, Maryland
May 3, 2005

I heard you guys about two weeks ago, you guys rocked and I loved the flogging Molly song you guys did I can't remember the name maybe you could let me know
jack from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 3, 2005

Man, what can I say. Ya'll really rock. Being from Louisiana we really don't have anything like what ya'll produce. If I ever get back to the D.C. area I will be sure to find out where ya'll are playing.
Mike from Denham Springs, Louisiana
April 30, 2005

We were visiting DC and looking for a good spot to drink. I have to say that y'all are the best band that I have seen in quite a while and put on one of the best shows I have ever seen. You MUST come down to Louisiana and play. I've already got a bunch of people addicted to the CD. Thanks for the show. -The boys from Louisiana
MIchael from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
April 30, 2005

Saw you guys for the first time last night at Fado, haven't been to a gig that fun in a long time. Thanks so much for the music and the laughter, they are key. Oh, and Michael, not that you'll remember me at all, but sorry I missed you after the show...Will try and catch you next time.
Cait from Washington, D.C.
April 29, 2005

I saw you guys at Kildares in King of Prussia. It was one of the best times i have had out at a bar in a while. here is hoping you come to the NYC area soon.
Rick from Hoboken, New Jersey
April 24, 2005

WOW! I was out at Mick O'Shea's last night here in Baltimore with my fellow med students and you guys are aaaaaaaaaamazing! We had no idea who was playing so what a pleasant surprise. I haven't had so much fun in ages! PLEASE come back to Baltimore as much as possible - we'll be out again in full force I promise!!
Jill from Baltimore, Maryland
April 16, 2005

Leks, Joey, Danu Paddy's Day at Finn MacCool was extraordinary! The bar has been set, guys. Marine buds of mine heard me talk about you guys for months....then St. Patrick's day happened. I think they were prety blown-away! It was really great to see them being proud of their neighborhood, and having the best Paddy's Day ever; they'll remember that party for a long time. We're all looking forward to the 16th at Finn MC, after the Nats game, of course ! I've said before, and i'll say it again....Hair-raising, perma-grinning, hilarious, tambourine-banging fun. MasterSergeant Jack a.k.a. Gunny (got promoted!)
John from Capitol Hill, D.C.
April 6, 2005

Best wishes to Animal as he heads off to the left coast. Best wishes to Mikey-O as he takes helm of the mighty drum ship. Best wishes to Scythian as they march fiercely into the thick of 2005. Oh, and best wishes to my liver as I continue its undeserved punishment at Scythian shows.
Ben from New Orleans, Louisiana
April 1, 2005

You guys have always rocked!! Can't wait to see you again... ciao! -- tj
TJ from Toledo, Ohio
March 25, 2005

Heard Scythian for first time at Jammin Java last Tuesday and had such a blast. You come out thinking, "For a good time, call Scythian!" So love their energy and interaction with the crowd. Couldn't stop smiling and wanted to dance the night away!
Dara from Reston, Virginia
March 19, 2005

Thursday night at Finn MacCool's was INSANE! Things should only get rowdier every Thursday at Fado's and at Finn MacCool's.
Adrian from Washington, D.C.
March 19, 2005

Just want to say thanks from all the Marines at the Barracks at 8th & I for making paddy's day so awesome
mike from washington , D.C.
March 18, 2005

Thank you so much for yesterday's live at fado's ! It made us feel so alive ! Elsa
Elsa from Washington, D.C.
March 17, 2005

You guys rock my sox! I heard you last night on "Capital Scene" and you were awesome! A bunch of us FCPS kids'll see you at Jammin' Java tomorrow.
Stephanie from Falls Church, Virginia
March 14, 2005

you are the best musicians ever. Congrats!!!!
Olivia from Manassas, Virginia
March 14, 2005

There ought to be a warning on your website: This band is habit-forming. Please consult your physician if foot-stamping continues long after you leave the bar...
Ben from Washington, D.C.
March 10, 2005

Loved FADO on March 3. When will you have the pics up on your website?
Eric from washington, D.C.
March 8, 2005

Is Flanagan's the best or what? I've seen you guys three times there and have never been disappointed. I did my first car bomb at your show and I hope that I will do many, many more at the next one. Your energy is crazy and the shows are wonderful. I hope to see you all again soon!
Tracey from Washington, D.C.
March 8, 2005

How AWESOME is Fado's???? It's phenomenally incredible how you guys bridge all age gaps and backgrounds to bring people together. You inspire me!
Teresa from Arlington, Washington
March 4, 2005

Last night's show at Kildare's in King of Prussia was a total blast! You guys rock!!!
Beth from Malvern, Pennsylvania
February 27, 2005

hey fellas can a brother get a free style or what, seriously keep doin what you do its awesome. thanks, Scotty from Flanny`s
scott from silver spring, Maryland
February 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Alex! Hope you had a great weekend!
Marlaina@ Celtic from Lorton, Virginia
February 21, 2005

Just wanted to tell you the crew from North Dakota had a BLAST back in January at FADO's. Bent the heck out of my rings beating the tambourine, but it was well worth the bruises! See you next time!
Beth from Sanborn, North Dakota
February 19, 2005

A big top o' the marnin to Joey, Lex, Danu, and Animal. Once again, The only way to spend a Thursday night was at your show ... just obscenely good fun, and like Celtic wildfire, the news is spreading. Myself only just introduced, I was able to bring along a friend who will doubtless be bringing more people... Anyways, We'll get a decent live recording one way or another. I'll send you what I got last night when I get it formatted. Rock on lads!
Ben from Montgomery Village, Maryland
February 18, 2005

You guys played a killer show down in B-more. I have never seen you kids before then but I was thoroughly impressed. My feet hurt the next day from dancing so much. I didn’t expect the diversity of instruments and music genre. You even broke out with Manu Chao. We look forward to seeing guys down in Bethesda (and hopefully baltimore again!) Cheers!
ica and the umbc sailin team from b-more, Maryland
February 17, 2005

A few coaches who were at a Clinic in Baltimore just attended your first time at Mick O'Sheas. I have to tell you guys that you def kicked ass.... We were def impressed and i am going to order your cd tomm.... keep up the good work and come to PA soon guys..."BLEED THE GREEN"!
Darren from Honesdale , Pennsylvania
February 15, 2005

Just saw you all for the first time at Finnegans and bought two of your CDs. Next purchase: FAN GEAR! COME TO PHILLY MORE OFTEN PLEASE.
Magdalena from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February 13, 2005

" happy valentine's musicians . nemo ü " Alizé P.S. we heard you today at my daughter's school; great music ! my husband and I had heard you before after a Christmas/Sukkot in April volunteer day.
Alizé AyseGüL from Falls Church, Virginia
February 11, 2005

I met you all at Fairfax Hospital when K.C. was still in the I.C.U. It was nice to meet you and I appreciated the fact that you came out to see how he was doing. If you haven't seen him since, he is doing great. He is back in school and almost as crazy as he was before the accident! Anyway, thanks again.
Roch from Manassas, Virginia
February 9, 2005

Guys, you have to come to New York. We've been talking you up, and we know it'll be a good time, so get up here!!
Tremblant Vixens from Albany, New York
February 8, 2005

Saw you guys for the first time in Manayunk this weekend. Absolutely rockin. Amazing cover of the Promenade from the Last of the Mohicans Sound Track. I'll be seeing you in the future for sure
Josh from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 31, 2005

play on... lovely, purely lovely.
Summer Teal from Highlands, North Carolina
January 29, 2005

Who does 5 "one more songs??" You guys are are true performers and we looove to see you smile and love what you are doing! You've MADE our senior year :-)
Jess and Mary from Washington , D.C.
January 28, 2005

When's pajama jammy jam III?
Gertrud from St. Paul, Minnesota
January 23, 2005

Saw you guys for the first time last night at Fado. You were AMAAAAAAAZING! That's quite a compliment coming from a Cuban girl, because I have very high booty-shaking standards ;) I never thought I'd be a groupie, but I'll definitely be coming more often to see you guys!!!!
Diane from Washington, D.C.
January 21, 2005

Caught you guys at Kildare's Irish Pub in West Chester, PA..what a blast! Buy every CD they'll love them all!!
Santhe from West Chester, Pennsylvania
January 20, 2005

Its Monday morning and my legs are still aching from jigging on Saturday night. As always, I had a great time at your show and think I might have to trek down to DC to see you play at Fado.
Brynne from West Chester, Pennsylvania
January 17, 2005

Hey thanks for putting up with a guy who got a little tight. And thanks for letting me play with you guys, even though I was a little "under the weather". Awesome time, you guys are off the hook. Can't wait party with you again. Keep it up!
Steve from Audubon, New Jersey
January 16, 2005

What up guys, love the site, great pics and info really wanna hear you guys! See you soon.
Seth from Bowling Green, Kentucky
January 13, 2005

Every time I bring a lady-friend to a show they fall madly in love with you all. Thanks a lot. See you fellas on New Year's Eve.
Tom from Falls Church, Virginia
December 29, 2004

I am coming up to DC from Georgia to see you at Fado this weekend! I am so excited. Haven't see you since July in Philly!
Deirdre from Americus, Georgia
December 27, 2004 your pictures @ the irish pub in PA..there is a picture of these teenaged girls....the one in the back w/ the braces...well she is my sister..and the one with red hair and green shirt.. she is my cousin...Alicia is the one that danced...all of us know irish dance its fun stuff! luv yo music cya round buh bye
Stefanie from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
December 23, 2004

Whenever I see a man in a pink shirt - I'll always think of Joey. *sniff*
Steve from CUA, D.C.
December 16, 2004

Hey Guys - Thank you SO MUCH for coming out to Catholic and putting on a great show! We really appreciate your generosity for our cause - y'all are amazing!
Maureen from Washington, D.C.
December 14, 2004

These guys are awesome and they know how to party. Can't wait to get my hands on their new CD. I'll be first in line. From the Irish drinking Mexican playing in the sand.
Jose from Al Asad, Iraq, Virginia
December 12, 2004

We saw you guys twice while we were in the DC area over the summer - once at Fado's and once at Fran O'Brien's. Two of the best nights of live music I've ever heard. If you're ever truckin' through the midwest, let me know. I'll take you cow-tippin'!
Clint from Golconda, Illinois
December 3, 2004

Thank you guys for letting us know the release of your new CD am glad to hear that everything work out very well, as always good luck! and all my friends and myself will be at Flanagans tonight
Fernando (Nando) from Bethesda, Maryland
December 3, 2004

Awesome show, but then again your show kicks butt! i can't wait for the cd!! See ya'll next thursday!
Lex Blankenship from Alexandria, Virginia
December 3, 2004

Tom & I would like to thank you for an amazing performance at our wedding. Everyone has been raving about how great you were and what a great time you provided. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon (I'll try to keep Tom off the mic!)
Alison from Washington, D.C.
November 26, 2004

thanks to all of you (esp. m & t) for spicing up my birthday with my awesome pink shirt; thanks for my gipsy fiddle--it was positiviely elating; we all had a most excellent time, and laura is now hooked on carbombs!
"gigi" from the same, Virginia
November 22, 2004

My friend Amy and I saw the show last Thursday, you guys kicked ass. We will be there next thursday!
Mandy from Washington, D.C.
November 20, 2004

saw the show at Flanagans Nov 12. very cool gig you all got going for yourselves. looking forward to next gig.
Phil from Montgomery Village, Maryland
November 18, 2004

Just heard you guys last night at Tom and Alison's wedding. Outstanding! Scythian made the evening TONS of fun and we hope to see you again soon. Kerrie & Kevin P.S. You played a song that I believe was called "Persuade" or "Persue" (early on). What is the actual name and is that song available on one of your cds?
Kerrie from Chevy Chase, Maryland
November 14, 2004

You guys are awesome! Carbombs, laughter, great music... Thursday's at Fado's are the highlight of it all!
Proinséas from Washington, D.C.
November 2, 2004

Returned to Fado after a few months away (the horror!) to find a pumped crowd and an incredible band. My friends and I - in our late 20s/early 30s - have decided to revisit our youth and follow you guys week to week! I haven't danced, whooped, hollered and played the tambourine at a bar like that since college. Your energy is outrageous, your talent momentous and the vibe you share with the audience is unforgettable. You really added icing to Cake not to mention The Pogues and TMBG. Rock on! Thanks for a great night. (i'm curious what happened to gigs at Finn MacCool's - that's my neighborhood? Too quiet? That's a shame - Hill dwellers would love you all). Take care!
Carrie from Washington, D.C.
October 22, 2004

haven't had that much fun since last summer! keep november 12 at flanagan's open for me ;)
j'aime from fro' ro', Virginia
October 22, 2004

i saw you at britt's on the eighth... your music is awesome! come back soon to play for your underage groupies!
Em from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
October 18, 2004

We saw you guys last Thursday at Fado's. One word - awesome. We will be back - and with more friends.
Cory from Washington, D.C.
October 18, 2004

What fun!! You guys were great - this is the 2nd time we saw you at Briit's and it was a blast. Thanks for posting our pics on the website - hope to see you at Britt's soon.
Al & Sandy from Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
October 14, 2004

aloha. saw you at brittinghams on the eighth...i'm the one who sang the rottlin bog song (or whatever...rotten...i have no idea) correctly, and the one who you did not give a free beer too. anyway..charming music, come back to Phili soon.
juliana from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 14, 2004

Once again a great night. I'm so glad I know the words to Rattlin Bog. Hope to see you guys in the area soon.
Scott from Philly, Pennsylvania
October 13, 2004

Caught you boys at Brittinghams on Friday night, I just wanted to say that the They Might Be Giants song was awesome. A pleasant surprise!!
Meghann from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 11, 2004

you guys are absolute fun. i am gonna keep coming back to your gigs.
rav from secane, Pennsylvania
October 11, 2004

You guys are absolutely the best night out ever -- a guaranteed good time! If you ever leave the area it'll be a sad day for me and my friends! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
Elizabeth from West Chester, Pennsylvania
October 7, 2004

Fernando from Bethesda, Maryland
October 4, 2004

You guys are awsome! I have not had so much fun on a Saturday since I can remember! I can't wait to see you guys play again! Thanks
Katherine from Mclean, Virginia
October 3, 2004

Well, that was something completely different. And completely enthralling. Saturday night at Flanagan's! What a gig! Didn't know beans about you before, but having heard you rattle the rafters tonight, you can bet we'll be stalking you now. Great stuff. And what a range! Hurry up with that new CD.
Deacon & Jim from Washington, D.C.
October 3, 2004

Hey guys! Thanks for an awesome Thursday at Fado's! Despite bustin my arse and bruisin the hell outta myself bangin the tambourine, I had one helluva good time! Look forward to makin Thursday nights Scythian night in my new pink SYN shirt!
Charity from Falls Church, Virginia
October 1, 2004

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. Alongside the Almighty is St. Patrick with a pint for those who serve his master well. The beer and the irish were made for heaven
Ben from heaven, Hawaii
September 30, 2004

The Pretzel Shaker in The RV...the best invention since sliced bread!!!
Bruce from Somers Point, New Jersey
September 29, 2004

I got a little riddle for you (rhymes with fiddle, funny huh). Why doesn't Joe jog (or jig)? Because every time he does the ice falls out of his drink.
Zach from I'm not telling, Alabama
September 28, 2004

You have inspired a haiku in honor of Thursday, which, thanks to your gigs at Fado, is once-and-future prophet of the weekend: Fall, blessed shot glass Into the dark depths of stout Tumble, sweet car bomb
Katya from Silver Spring, Maryland
September 23, 2004

Wow! Can it really be true? *** I must select state. Why? I'm not from U.S.A.!
Sławomir from Kłodzko (Poland), D.C.
September 23, 2004

You guys are phenomenal and I look forward to each Thursday at Fado's. I make it my mission to bring more people each time so they can understand why I have so much fun. They then also understand why and how the phrase "I bruised myself with the tamborine last night....again" is uttered. Keep on playin'! 'Til next time.
Barbara from Arlington, Virginia
September 17, 2004

Had a blast. I have seen you several times. Kildares in Manayunk was very good. It seems like you guys enjoyed it very much as well. Plow & the Stars was pretty good as well. My favorite song..The dave matthews tune. Keep rockin ! Keep the faith. Ciao, Pete East Falls, Pa.
Peter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 14, 2004

You guys were awesome at Kildares. After studying all day only two things could lift my spirit; Smithwicks and some thumpin' Irish music. I can't wait to see you guys at Fado. Thanks for the beer. Saol fada chugat. Sláinte!
Scott from Philly, Pennsylvania
September 14, 2004

You guys rocked Saturday night at Kildare's. I was part of the one bachlorette party that was there. It was my first time hearing irish music and it was a great experience. We couldn't put the tamborines down!!! Thanks for an awesome time.
Kristen from Collegeville, Pennsylvania
September 13, 2004

Well..It kinda sucks that I wont get to see you guys live playing on south street again. Thats where I got my first look at you guys. It was for my birthday, and my friend bought me the CD after hearing two songs by two of your band members. The one I liked the most was Orange Blossem Special. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. Thanks! I love you guys.
Melissa from Newcastle, Delaware
September 7, 2004

Guys, went to my first show last night at Fado's and had a blast! Now I see what all the hoopla is about.
Ivan from Washington, D.C.
September 3, 2004

Hi to you guys! We really enjoyed the show at Brittingham's. It was the first time we heard a full night's music live from you and we thought the show was varied, lively, funny, touching and full of surprises! Keep it up! Hugs from Meg's cousin Rosie and her mom (Aunt Den)
Denise from Flourtown, Pennsylvania
September 1, 2004

You guys are awesome! Keep Animal...He's one of the best drummers I have heard play with you guys!
SYNchiq from Front Royal, Virginia
August 31, 2004

Hey guys...cheers from a fellow Christendomie in Oregon! Wish you were touring out here...with the exception of Kevin Burke the celt/trad scene is a little anemic in the West. Oh well, keep on keeping on and let us know when the Real World episode is going to air...a lot of us will have to figure out which channel number MTV is...!
Chris from beautiful, Oregon
August 29, 2004

Hi All- A hearty shout to Lex for his heartfelt playing sunday morning. Can't wait to see the whole band soon- Thanks and much love.
Matt and Deadra from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
August 27, 2004

Wow! When I saw you guys at Christendom I was blown out of the water. I can't wait to see you guys in Seattle, Washington.
Gabby from Marysville, Washington
August 26, 2004

You guys are sick. You're s*#t's more raw than stuff I saw in Ireland. Keep on.
Sully from Arlington, Virginia
August 20, 2004

Wow, This guys aren't coming back to Philly for a long time huh? What's the deal with that? I'm going to have to plan visits to my sister in DC around your shows! I'm really bummed. Try to get back here sometime soon! I need my Scythian fix!
Lisa from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 20, 2004

Saw you guys at Kildare's in West Chester. Simply inspiring.
chris from mays landing, New Jersey
August 20, 2004

It was great seeing you guys (Alex and Danny) and catching up over a few cold ones at bw's tuesday night . Looking forward to hitting D.C sometime soon to see ya. Dr. C
Scott from Front Royal, Virginia
August 19, 2004

I heard the guys at Longwood. I'd love to seem them as the featured band at the Philadelphia Folk Festival! Their talent and energy are unsurpassed.
Jeri from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
August 12, 2004

Hey guys! Its Nikki. I just wanted to say hey and thank you for making my summer most memorable! Best of luck...I'll spread the word on Scythian to everyone in Iowa. See you in the Spring! P.S...Keep an eye on Franco for me ;)
Nikki from Des Moines, Iowa
August 10, 2004

Hey guys!!!! It was great seeing you at christendom, you always have such fun and energetic performances! I can't wait to be at another one.
mairin from manassas, Virginia
August 9, 2004

Hey Guys - This was my first time visiting your website and it was great to read up on all of you and look at your photo galleries and everything (especially those from "The Village"). Can't wait to see you all perform again!
The Bodyguard from Bucks County, Pennsylvania
August 8, 2004

We've got to get Scythian upstairs at Finnigans. We're bustin' the seams of that thar basement paradise! I'm starting a phone campaign. I mean IRISH Band in an IRISH Bar belongs front and center. Scythian'll have no problem filling the joint! Anyway, thanks for giving it your all for the Philly fans yet again...and fellow fans, rally to the call! Tell Finnigan's you want a bigger dance floor!!!
Lisa from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 3, 2004

Hey you guys! I saw The Village and only managed to find Dan in the background. He looked like he was having a blast in that dance scene! Somehow I missed Joey and Alex, but I guess I could always see it a second time and try again. I hope you all are well and I will scope out the Richmond scene for you. Take Care and see you soon.
Kathy from Harrisonburg , Virginia
August 3, 2004

I had a blast at Finnigan's Wake Saturday night. I danced so much that I think I broke my toe!
Deirdre from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 2, 2004

Hi guys! I saw you play for the first time at Fado's on July 29th. First heard about your band from Tim Clark and other friends who are Christendom alumni. I've heard so much about you that I've been wanting to see you play for a long time now, and finally made it all the way to DC this past week on vacation visiting friends. Even though I was only able to stay for an hour or so I had such a great time, seeing you play was definitely one of the highlights of my vacation. You guys are incredibly talented, even better than I was expecting- and I can't wait for the opportunity to see you play again. Hopefully we can get you to Minnesota sometime! ;)
Katie from Foreston, Minnesota
August 1, 2004

Fellas, great to catch up with your music. I can't wait to get down to DC and catch it in person.
Michael from Bronx, New York
July 30, 2004

Lesyk and Danylko, I plan on bringing many descendents of the Scythian tribes to your concerts. I prithee to eventually play something Ukie. Congratulations on your new fame!
Adrian from Washington, D.C.
July 28, 2004

Way to bring the generations together Friday night at Downey's. I love meeting your other fans...and dancing with them! Passing out tambourines is another really cool, unique and engaging touch. Every performance is a grand celebration. I always go home so happy...permagrin for days! Thanks guys!!!
Lisa from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 19, 2004

Hello Scythians, Lisa told me about the pictures taken when you were in Fredericksburg so I had to take a peek. Really enjoyed your music, talents, and also meeting you. Come back to the Olde Towne anytime.
Lisa's Mom from Spotsylvania, Virginia
July 14, 2004

You guys are fabulous...your music is so energetic and you really know how to get the crowd going...Come play in West Chester again soon!
Liz from West Chester, Pennsylvania
July 13, 2004

The heart of Scythian relentlessly pulses sound and fury, swelling and threatening to burst its membrane that is the intimate rapport of chamber musicians. Cheers and thanks for the rowdy shows!
Katharine from Washington, D.C.
July 13, 2004

I second Kelly from Bethesda! Hurry hurry with the online store. The shirts are great and I want one. Can't wait 'til you guys are back in Center City Philadelphia.
Stacia from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 12, 2004

i want a t shirt!! hurry up with the merchandise being available online!!! :-)
Kelly from Bethesda, Maryland
July 8, 2004

Dropped by Finn's on the 3rd for a bite to eat and to catch up on some heart to heart talk with my girl. Instead, we downed numerous black & tans while clapping off beat and shouting lyrcis we didn't really know to some of the best music we have heard in a long time. Thanks, and would love to see you come to Chicago for a midwestern tour!
Brian from St. Charles, Illinois
July 7, 2004

We send you best wishes from Germany! Enjoyed listening to your CD! We look forward to seeing a live performance on our next trip back to the States ... unless you make it to Europe first! God Bless!
Tanya & Lubko from Wuerzburg, Germany, Virginia
July 7, 2004

Saw you guys at FinnMac's on Barracks Row last guys are great! I came by to drop someone off and heard you guys so I came in and stayed as long as I could (which sadly was only about an hour). But, the second I got home I went online and bought your CD. You guys are great! And I agree with Gunny's post, you guys absolutely are "infectious". I've been telling all my friends in CA about you guys and they agree! You rock! See you soon!
Tara from Washington, D.C.
July 7, 2004

Hey there! Saw you at the Colonial Tavern in Fredericksburg, and was very impressed... so was my husband... the one shaking his butt in the kilt. Come back and see us again soon!
Kate (the hostess, not the dancer) from Fredericksburg, Virginia
July 6, 2004

Hi Boyz- Really enjoyed your show in "Old City" Fredericksburg....All the locals from Downtown Fred loved your stuff. Can't wait to see the pictures! Long live sassy boyz in pink shirts!!!
Rosie from Fredericksburg, Virginia
July 6, 2004

Hey, you guys put on a terrific show at Finn MacCool's Saturday night! The Car Bombs weren't bad, either. We're looking forward to dancing and drinking with you guys again!
Suzanne from Germantown, Maryland
July 6, 2004

Caught your show at Finn's while I was in DC, without a doubt the best bar band (nay, live band) I've ever seen...hope to catch you guys again sometime, will be brushing up on my Irish drinking songs just in case. A superb blend of folk and modern music, good work!
Phil from Cary, North Carolina
July 6, 2004

Wow! Saw you guys at Finn MacCool's on Barracks Row last night.....Creative, infectious, hilarious, tamborine-banging fun. You've now spoiled us for anybody else; a tough act to follow, indeed! Come again, please!
Gunny from Capitol Hill, D.C.
July 4, 2004

I've been singing your "Tuesday Morning" cover in my head all week. The Fado's show was the best party I've been to in years. Love that you guys are making music fun again.
Ethan from Falls Church, Virginia
June 28, 2004

As always, you guys put on an awesome show at Flanagans Saturday night! We had alot of fun dancing and shakin' those tamberines!! See ya next time!
Elizabeth from Leesburg, Virginia
June 28, 2004

Hey guys! I really enjoyed your show last Thursday at Fado's! I'm trying to help get the word out by posting a review on my blog Hopefully word will get around!
The Beagle from Washington, D.C.
June 28, 2004

I had a friend visiting from out of town for one day only on Saturday. She had very early travel plans and so did not want to go out... I felt a bad hostess insisting, and didn't want to say...'Okay, see you later' I hung out and waited till she said she was ready to go to sleep and I jumped in a cab to Finnagans wake at 1:15am in the morning!!! HA! I was much dismayed to find another band playing when I walked in and the goofy guys hanging around the bar insisted you'd left...but I intrepidly searched you out!!! Oh joy and smiles. I only caught three songs but you made my night!
Lisa from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 14, 2004

I love dancing, but you were the first IRISH band to get me on the floor and i had such a great time, you guys are awesome, can't wait to see ya again
Melissa from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 13, 2004

Hey guys, you are amazing! Looking forward to bringing friends out to hear you in Philly this Saturday.
Lady Helen from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 9, 2004

Hey Lads, Delighted to see you playing at Flanagan's again. You always put on a great show but it just seems way better when you play at Flanagan's. The only problem is I have had to put my doctor on retainer as I have way too much fun and indulge in too many carbombs! See you all soon.
Bog from Arlington, Virginia
June 8, 2004

met lex at holman lincoln mercury looking for car. mayor of local town edgewater park told lex to stay in touch, we'll bring some folks to see ya all play. best wishes at the wake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tom from edgewater park, New Jersey
June 5, 2004

FABULOUS SHOW & such "star-quality" at Plough & stars you guys! You know you are really taking over the Philly scene - we just keep bringing more people out to see you - so glad Mike clued us in! Keep up the great job!
Regina from Ardmore, Pennsylvania
June 5, 2004

Hi to all the Fedorykas! Listened to your music at our party and everybody loves it! We had to give our own copy to somebody! Hope you guys are doing well and make a new cd! -The Kays
Andrew from Alta Loma, California
June 5, 2004

What happened to all of the Northern Virginia shows? I have a small posse ready to make the road trip up from the Shenandoah Valley as soon as the time is right. I miss you guys and I hope you are doing well.
Kathy from Harrisonburg, Virginia
June 4, 2004

I had an awesome time at the Plough & the Stars last week-you guys are great! Thanks to Meghan for bringing me along. Looking forward to seeing you at Finnegan's Wake!
Deirdre from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 3, 2004

Greetings ye brrrrrrilliant minstrels! I just want to thank you so much for your performance on Thursday, May 27 at Plough in the Stars. It was my first time seeing you play indoors, and in shoes! I was so thrilled that I finally got to dance to your rollicking happystuff outside of my studio. I brought a girlfriend (who returns home to Brasil today)to give her a taste of great Irish music...the first of her lifetime. You made quite an impression. She agreed with me that you're all both talented and perty:) Can't wait till you come around again!
Lisa from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 2, 2004

Hi! I just wanted to tell you guys that you were awesome the other night at Kildare's! My friend and I were tired when we went out and didn't expect any excitement at all, much less to stay past closing. And you got us both dancing, which isn't typical when we don't know anyone else at the bar. We can't wait to see you again!! :)
Kristin from Havertown, Pennsylvania
June 1, 2004

You guys are awesome, I only saw you for a few moments on the street in Phillie, but it rocked. I was the guy dancing on south street, lemme know when you are gonna be down my way in Va.
Austin from Roanoke, Virginia
June 1, 2004

saw your group for the first time tonite atKildare's in King of Prussia. You all are very talented and we enjoyed the show very very much. Such energy....Hope to catch you all again.
Mary and John from Norristown, Pennsylvania
May 30, 2004

My friend and I really enjoyed you guys! We went out for a regular ho-hum evening and were pleasantly surprised to find out that you were playing. You guys are so talented - refreshing!!
Stacia from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 28, 2004

Finally got to fake-jig to your amazing stuff at Plough in the Stars last night. My feet kicked right out from under me and I landed on my tailbone during the very last song...Ow...but I'm still smiling! It was so worth it! My Brazilian girlfriend loved the Irish music and dancing I'd been raving to her about ever since she introduced me to Samba. It was a properly rowdy scene. Hey! It was the first time I'd ever seen the drummers...they were great! Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your energy and talent! Can't wait to catch another performance:)
Lisa from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 28, 2004

Make it down to Atlanta...there are a few Irish lads and lasses (Even some Cuban "damas and caballeros" that would love to hear a night (and early morning) of Irish tunes.
Gabriel from Atlanta, Georgia
May 25, 2004

marvelous to see you all again! "music among friends" is still prima after all; i am forever grateful for the gipsey fiddle. if the stars align i shall crash one last show this summer! peace.
ophelia from howell, Michigan
May 11, 2004

Thanks a lot for playing at the YLF Fundraiser. Not only do you have great talent, you have great hearts! More power! I am sending your CD to Germany to a Celtic music aficionado there.
Nicole from Washington, D.C.
May 9, 2004

Awesome playing at Catholic U. this evening!! Great fiddles!
Princess Organist from Washington, D.C.
April 30, 2004

You guys played a bitchin' show at Jammin Java last night! Gained a few new fans, I think :) Thanks.
Christy from Fredericksburg, Virginia
April 23, 2004

My sister and I were on our way to a 5:00pm Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul when we happened upon your music at the Northeastern edge of Rittenhouse Square Park. Well, that was that. I hope you are alright with the fact that my soul is in peril due to your masterful picking, bowing and yes...dancing. I was very tempted to join you in the dancing part but felt pretty foolish since everyone else just stood stalk still while you urged. I will make sure I get to see a performance where the crowd is suitably corked and ready to jig whether they have a clue or not. Thanks for playing requests for bits from 'Darby O Gill...' and 'The Red Violin'. Your music is awesome...I keep listening to the CD and sharing it with friends. You're all quite handsome too which doesn't hurt one bit!
Lisa from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 20, 2004

You guys ROCKED last night! Scythian was definitely worth the road trip to Philly. We had way too much fun! It was great seeing you guys again and finally getting the chance to hear you play and meet the rest of the band. We can't wait to see you play again.... maybe next time it will be in NY. You guys were AMAZING! :-)
Keri, Angie, Jamie from Albany, New York
April 18, 2004

You guys have played below my apartment on South Street a few times now (next to Rita's), and I finally wandered down to see who was providing me with such great afternoon entertainment! Keep up the great job guys - I'll catch you at one of your next shows.
Roland from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 17, 2004

Hey guys! It's Brendan and John's friend, Shannon. I can't wait to see you all tonight at Downey's!!! YEAH! Your finally in Philly!!! I'm bringing a little crew with me...I've been talking this up for too long. hehehe
Shannon from Philly, Pennsylvania
April 16, 2004

happy easter guys!!!!!!!!!!
katherine,anne from bethesda, Maryland
April 10, 2004

Alex, Danu - what's up guys! Sure looks like you're having fun! Perhaps someday I'll be able to catch a show. Blessings on the band!
Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC from Stockbridge, Maryland
April 9, 2004

Great job at Sine in DC this weekend. It was my first time hearing you guys. Awesome job. Now how many CDs do you have recorded and where can I buy them. Good Luck, Gary
Gary from Brooklyn, New York
April 5, 2004

Hey Alex and Danu--Hope you guys are well! I have been trying to catch a show of yours in the Philly area, but it seems that I am either out of town or playing when you're in the area. I am hoping to catch you guys this spring sometime. All the best. Karen (
Karen from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
April 4, 2004

Hey guys. What a hot new drummer you've picked up.
Sarah from Sidney, Ohio
April 3, 2004

This website was on one of my computers in the office. When are you guys going to stop fooling around with this music thing and come back to work ?
D. from Springfield, Virginia
March 24, 2004

Great to see you boys perform again (at Flanagan's)--my first show in awhile, I'd really been missing it. Hope to make it again soon. The show was amazing!
Stephanie from Baltimore, Maryland
March 22, 2004

hey ya'll did sooo well tonight! Very enjoyable show!!!!! Keep it up! ( :
Gina from front royal, Virginia
March 19, 2004

Praying you all had an AWESOME St. Patrick's Day -- may the celebrations continue! Cheers! Much love and God bless! Pax tecum, :)
Mary from Fairfax Station, Virginia
March 18, 2004

Alex, Danu and the Gang: I was with a Dutch journalist when I met you gents and encouraged you to play at Sine Irish Pub in Pentagon Row. Often I listen to your CD (Cross Roads) and am looking forward to getting the new CD soon. Love,
Kim from Washington, D.C.
March 15, 2004

Joey, sorry i had to leave so early. u did grrrreat last nite!!! luv ya aton and even more ur lil sis, Jane
jane from steubenville, Ohio
March 14, 2004

The site looks stellar! Nice job. Can't wait to hear you all again. I'm bringin' a crowd along, too!
Angie from Springfield, Virginia
March 13, 2004

Hey Joey! Wuts^? Luv ya a ton!!! Love, ur sis Jane
Jane from Steubenville, Ohio
March 13, 2004

Hi. This is Dustin and Sarah (Bodhran and Tin whistle) from Corrigans' house back a few weeks ago. Just wanted to leave you a quick note that we really had a lot of fun and it was nice meeting you all. I hope we get a chance to actually see you perform sometime. We'll be sure to find out next time you come up and maybe we can do it again. Thanks a lot, it was fun.
Dustin from New Milford, Pennsylvania
February 28, 2004

i got your site from joe in canada on the bus and listened to your clips and you're awesome! good work!
matt from elkridge, Maryland
February 16, 2004

Froto and Trevor....Thank you for all the great memories in Tremblant. You guys are awesome! Spyder Monkeys Kick Ass.....The lies were great and sadly enough we believed most of them. We hope to make it to Virginia sometime to see this Scythian band play. If the band is anything like the two of you(which I am sure it is) then I know a good time will be had. Miss you boys!
Tremblant from Albany, New York
February 4, 2004

please contact me about a date at my bar! you guys are awesome!
Dan from Steubenville, Oklahoma
January 10, 2004

Well what can I say, these guys are great. Hav'nt heard a bit of their music. It can't be that bad, after all, they're great guys. Here on another long, lonely night at work, Jose
Jose from Annandale, Virginia
January 7, 2004

There are no are just amazing! God would not bless you with such talent without an incredible plan to accompany it. Here's to big families, as well. Your parents must be glowing with pride.
Angie from Springfield, Virginia
December 25, 2003

All good wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you all!!!!!
Agnes, Tina, Katherine from bethesda, Maryland
December 23, 2003

Amazing night at Kildares! The music, the band, the car bombs - I was completely enthralled and now waiting in anticipation for you to return to Philadelphia soon! p.s. many thanks to Danny for getting us to Mike's house after the show - we would have been wandering the streets of west chester in the frigid cold if not for his clever guidance. :)
Regina from Ardmore, Pennsylvania
December 23, 2003

Amazing. Just amazing. Nights like last night make me realize just how dull my other nights are... that's kind of sad. Thanks alot. You're in my prayers for safe traveling and fun gigs! I'll be seeing you around. ...and bring on the dance-off next time around.
Lady from Springfield, Virginia
December 21, 2003

Just wanted to thank you again for the awsome show (like always) at my pub Kildare's. I can't wait to have you back again and join you in car bombs!
Sean Patrick from WestChester, Pennsylvania
December 20, 2003

Another great performance at Kildare's!! We love seeing you guys and Eliza. Good luck on your next CD. Hope to see you again soon. And sorry about your tambourine...
Theresa from West Chester, Pennsylvania
December 20, 2003

You all are great! I have never been so amazed in my life, massive talent! We miss you at Kirkpatricks, hope to see you there soon!
Mary from Ashburn, Virginia
December 15, 2003

Scythian, thanks for making my first experience hearing you guys incredible, can't wait to see you again when I get back to DC! - From, Danny Boy
Danny Boy from CUA, D.C.
December 14, 2003

Hey guys, thanks for playing for John's second birthday party!!!! John says the only thing that could've made it more complete would've been a kiss from Liza - or former Miss Mayo - Karen from Causeway! (Hi Karen) Can't wait to see ya at Kildare's on the 19th... Have a good one!
John's Mom from Amish Country!!!, Pennsylvania
December 8, 2003

Hey Guys...Sorry I missed you at Kildare's last month. I am definitely going to attempt to catch you there one of these nights. (We're playing on the 19th, so it won't be then.) Thanks for the call and for the update regarding your Philly-based gigs.
Causeway Karen from Philly, Pennsylvania
November 26, 2003

You guys are THE GREATEST
Aaron from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 22, 2003

Despite my overbooked schedule this weekend, I am so happy that I could manage Joseph and Kathleen's invitation to Sine Saturday night to hear you all! I was the one in the fuschia coat. ;) My only question is: why did I not know about Scythian sooner?! It was a pleasure meeting the band, and hearing at least the first few songs before I had to jet... only wish I could have stayed longer! Cheers! Much love and God bless! Pax tecum, :)
Mary from Fairfax Station, Virginia
November 18, 2003

Fed, Ukranians playing Irish music? Sounds interesting... Rod has arrived on the scene...Coming to hear you guys play tonight. I've heard great things!!! Best talent on the East side!
joe from pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
November 15, 2003

Can't wait to hear you guys sometime, you've gone pro looks I need a babysitter!
formerly carefree at Christendom from Falls Church, Virginia
November 15, 2003

When are you coming to upstate NY? We'd love some good tunes here.
Inkiri from Binghamton, New York
November 14, 2003

Hi Guys! If you're ever in the Cleveland area, let me know! Hope all are doing well! Mary (Corcoran) Biros
Mary from Solon, Ohio
November 14, 2003

Holy cow, I am a shmuck. These guys played at my husband and my wedding over two months ago and I haven't sat down to write their praises yet. They are amazing. They played pheneomenal instrumental music for a cocktail hour in the sun, then transitioned to stuff that got everyone dancing and partying inside, and rumor has it they showed up at a party with my bridesmaids later that evening. Thank you so much guys and girls, you were the final perfect touch on the best day of my life!
Kathrin from Fort Huachuca, Arizona
November 10, 2003

Hi, you are awsome.I can wait your another gig.When will you play in Flanagan's in Bethesda??We are waiting for you there:))
megan from bethesda, Maryland
November 10, 2003

hi everyone! you guys rocked! just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my friends and i really enjoyed your music and we had a great time at Kildare's on friday night. we'll keep our eyes out if you ever play in the West Chester/Philly area again or send us an email.
Theresa from West Chester, Pennsylvania
November 9, 2003

Hey guys,you are awesome!!!! But, you Alex should shave yourselve! Otherwise you are the cutest guy ever:-)
x from x, Maryland
November 9, 2003

YO from Philly and the Alfred James Band. See you guys tonight!!!!! Great website!
Alfred from Ardmore, Pennsylvania
November 7, 2003

Hey Jenny from Alexandria, Virginia....Did you forget to mention passing out in the cab on the way home? Lush. See you in a few weeks at the AA meeting.
Jamie from HELL, D.C.
November 5, 2003

so glad i've been introduced to scythian... you guys play an awesome show, i'm inspired to sing along and dance all the time. :) thanks for all your hard work!
meg from washington, D.C.
November 3, 2003

what is it about your gigs that each time I go to one I get entirely too drunk off of guiness and jameson's, end up playing the tamborine, dancing all night, and without a doubt always end up falling on my butt at least once or twice throughout the evening??? all of the falling down seems to be worth it because I always have a great time... see you in a few weeks...
Jenny from Alexandria, Virginia
November 3, 2003

Hi guys, we just wanna say that your music is the best.You make really cool atmosphere.We have had fun!!!!
Aga,Tina, Kasia from Bethesda, Maryland
October 26, 2003

You guys were awesome last night (10/18)..My good friend dragged me out after my horrible break up. I wasn't much for partying, but once I got to Sine's I had an amazing time!! You guys really MAKE the party, and Joey; your gorgeous..I am looking forward to your next performance.
Kristine from Manassas, Virginia
October 19, 2003

Hi! I never got to hear you play yet, but would love to! My friend, John Crosby, says you're excellent. I'm also a violinist. I'll be checking your schedule to see when you will be playing in this area.
Erika from Steubenville, Ohio
October 18, 2003

I have to say that something was missing from my weekend, not being able to make it to your's been worth the gas money and worth the many trips. The Bal'more volunteers are hoping to get you up here sometime--we're looking for a great pub. Thanks for many a great night!
Stephanie from Baltimore, Maryland
September 29, 2003

Scythians- Thanks for an AWESOME night September 27th at Sine! We had such a good time! Shout out to "Daniel"- nice to see you again (and in such a different setting too!) Hope to see you guys again soon! Good luck to you all! God Bless!
Tara from Erie, Pennsylvania
September 28, 2003

Hey Guys! Great meeting with you on Saturday night. It was a fun night that could have ended with a good jam session at the bar. (that was my hope, but the bouncers had other plans, right?) We'll definitely come see you soon...great dancin' too.
Karen from Philly, Pennsylvania
September 19, 2003

Hey guys. Thanks for the last minute show on 11 September. You were great, as always! And thanks for the tribute to this great country. Alex and Daniel (and Dominic- the VIP crowd pleaser) SEE you in Paris, France at Violin d'Ingres- the city's most revered Irish pub. If not, just pop by le Marais for a drink.(or two!) A bientot... Au revoir!
Rohini from Paris, France, New York
September 12, 2003

"those were the days my friends"...once again a great time was had by all! On behalf of the large CUA crowd that made it out tonight, we want to say thank you for sharing your talent and love of music with us. Praise God for friends and the gift of joy!
maria from Washington, D.C.
September 12, 2003

Joey made my day tonight! Seee ya!
Sofia from Arlington, Virginia
September 12, 2003

Hey!! I have had a hell of a time at each and every show you play. However, I'm waiting to see how you play at private parties. I'm looking forward to the next show.
Tang from Silver Spring, Maryland
September 3, 2003

Hey...I mean what I said about getting you all a hook up in San Diego. I'll be in touch. Love you guys!
Alysia from ?, Virginia
September 1, 2003

I just say love..and you know what I mean...
Me... from Arlington, Virginia
August 31, 2003

Hey guys, wondering if yall still have room on the floor for an old drunken fool. Good luck to you all and hope to see yall in my neck of the woods. I had a great time this summer-good luck. I can't wait to come back and harass some Christiandom girls (they are a little to the right of the franciscans)!!
zach from Pass Christian, Mississippi
August 29, 2003

Hey! Loved seeing you guys play for my friends last Saturday (the Irish dancers) at the casting call. Hopefully I'll be able to see you perform again in the near future.
Ning from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
August 27, 2003

Hey Guys, Christen Here. I'm one of the dancers from the casting call on sat. I had a blast at the little improptu session in the parking lot. I was just checking out the website. Hope to see you guys again!
Christen from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
August 27, 2003

Hey Kids, It was a pleasure meeting you at the casting call on Saturday! Make sure you find your way up to Philly. Add the Grape Street Pub to that list I gave you....Good Luck!
Nicole from Southern, New Jersey
August 26, 2003

Your show at Sine's on aug 16th was terrific, and I like your motto "music among friends." That is how it should be. I'm new to the area, but I'm going to try to get a few people from the JPII institute for the show on the 23rd. God bless!
dave from washington dc, D.C.
August 19, 2003

Your show last night was amazing! I think you get better each time. Thanks for making a great night out for my birthday. Hope to be at SINEs again next week.
Stephanie from Owings Mills, Maryland
August 17, 2003

Hey guys! I'm not a talented person, but can I be in your army anyway? Hm. Maybe I should go to some of your Sine gigs first: don't worry, I will. Loved your streetcorner gas-money gigs!! zai qian!
the Brooklyn Rat from Front Royal, Virginia
August 8, 2003

Saw you guys at Flanigan's last Friday evening. Spectacular. The lady next to me was ready to leave her husband and jump you guys on stage. As a single guy I appreciate you doing to the women what you do :-)
Jeff from Silver Spring, Maryland
August 8, 2003

Awesome show last night at Flanigan's! Your talent continues to amaze and impress! Hope everything goes well again tonight...wish I could be there. God Bless ~Maria kilner
Maria from Silver Spring, Maryland
August 1, 2003

The Band is Awsome...well except the skinny really white boy who tries to play with the band! Who's the tall Blonde? Yeah~Now that is what I call a hottie! I'd marry him in about ten years or so! Can't wait to see you all again.
asian-gal from japan-land, Virginia
July 17, 2003

I was introduced to your band by my friends, the Kilners, who had you at their 25th wedding anniversary party. We came to the July 10th show...AMAZING! This may be a first: I sustained bruises to my left hand and a blister on my right from the tamborine--it was well worth the injuries! Haha! Keep up the hard work, you guys put on a great show! I'll be at the next one.
Stephanie from Owings Mills, Maryland
July 14, 2003

Yall, the gig at Sine' was phenomenal! I'm glad I was finally able to hear yall live. Keep it up. If only I lived closer - I'd be at every gig. Mels and Lars - good to see yall - yall were exceptional! Thanks again for playing 'The Georgia Song' for me.
kathryn from Augusta, Georgia
July 14, 2003

We loved your gig at SINE (7/12)! Quick story: If it weren't for life in Paris, Ro would have never met Dominic. If it weren't for Dominic, we would have never heard your music. So, thank you Paris! (and Dominic!) You guys are AMAZING.
Rohini and Harry from Norfolk, Virginia
July 13, 2003

phenomenal shows, gipsies! it was great seeing you. pax!
jaime from front royal, Virginia
July 13, 2003

Great website, saw you in Olde Towne. Hope to see your band again one day - keep up the good work!
Christy from The Hamptons, Virginia
July 12, 2003

hey, who has more followers, you guys or me???? ;)
"chicky-babe" from front royal, Virginia
July 8, 2003

Ladies and Gentlemen is the best! Wink! I must comment on the lovely picture of Jaime and Sherry (Sine 1). Now, those are two sweet chicky-babes. Melanie, I loove ya! An' I love all you Fedorykas, too! :o)
Mary from Lafayette, Indiana
July 6, 2003

Bravo Denver! ( I mean Danylo) Excuse me one moment ! this was so beautiful a webpage! Mi Piaco! !!!!???!!/ /?? Baci, Fiona
Fiona from montagnola, switzerland,
July 3, 2003

Hi Guys! Love your lively tunes and the sensational delivery! I always have a GREAT time, dancing, drinking and listening to Scythian! I need better shoes next time so I can dance it up with Daniel! See y'all at Sine! I'll bring all of Front Royal!
Sherry from The metropolis of Front Royal, Virginia
June 30, 2003

Hallo.Hier ist Magdola.Echt super was ihr da auf die Beine gestellt habt.Sagt Bescheid wenn ihr auf Europa-Tour seid, damit ich noch rechtzeitig Karten reservieren kann.Liebe Grüße. Magdola.
Magdalena from Vienna, Austria,
June 30, 2003

Hey guys, Don't know if you remember us we saw you guys in old town tonight (friday the 27th) My name is mark was with 4 other friends one was named lady bell. Anyway just wanted to say nice website and hip hearing you guys play you seemed like chill people, (along with a cute girls that follow you). Hopefully i'll hear you at Sine. Later guys.
Mark from Springfield, Virginia
June 28, 2003

Thanks to the band member's sisters for dragging me into Sine' on June 4, it was a great show and ten times better than the crapyoake going on next door! See you guys in July at Sine'!!
Mike from Washington , D.C.
June 18, 2003

Once again a good time had by all!! We hope you all had as much fun as we did. Thanks for sharing your talent with our friends and families...and good improv. with the microphone stand. See you at SINEs
Nancy W. and Maria K. from Annandale/Silver Spring, Virginia
June 16, 2003

You guys are money! You can pick it up by the bags! Cars! Boats!...
The Literalist from Front Royal, Virginia
June 12, 2003

You guys are so awesome, I'm going to fly all the way out from Denver, CO to hear you play on the 11-13th of July. But I'll only come if you let me play the shaker and yodel to "Grandma's." Is it a deal?
Christopher from Denver, Colorado
June 9, 2003

I can not wait for your next show!!! You guys are incredible - and the girls are who are the girls...girlfriends?? (hopefully not!) Can't wait to see you at Sine again!!
Katelyn from Alexandria, Virginia
June 8, 2003

*amdg* alright, this is for you ... a message posted from a girl (none of those in THIS guestbook!), so enjoy it ;) (wink!). and your music ... ti piache (look! i know foreign words, too!). that's all, folks ...
baroness orczy from front royal, Virginia
June 8, 2003

"Music among friends" is ausgang! Irish music is awesome, Scythian brings it to life. you guys are the best!
ben-david from charlottesville, Virginia
June 7, 2003

+AMDG+ ...a charming and delighful performance. and look! i found you without a business card (DING!).
oscar from front royal, Virginia
June 6, 2003

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME- I saw you at the Torpedo Factory (you had sold out of c.d's) about 6 weeks ago. I searched high and low for you on the net. You are so good that a friend called me to say he saw that you were going to be at Flanagan's. I almost left my vacation in Alaska to see you. Keep up the incredible job. Jeff
Jeff from Silver Spring, Maryland
June 6, 2003

I think you guys are amazingly talented and gorgeous too!! So who's single??
Monica from Washington, D.C.
June 5, 2003

Man, you guys are incredible! I came to last night's gig at Sine's. I've been to other gigs, but this one was the tops. I think the two girls (your sisters, I heard?) added a lot to the atmosphere of the band. Actually, I think you should get more female members. A female vocalist or two would do wonders. Keep up the great work!!
Marianne from Northern, Virginia
June 5, 2003

Thanks for making my birthday most fabulous! You guys are GREAT!
Emily from Falls Church, Virginia
June 5, 2003

OK, so how good are you guys? Well . . . I think I'd like to marry one or more of you - if that were legal anyway. How do I get in touch with you to get you booked out here in MD? How do I get in touch with you to . . . well, touch you? Just playin' - saw your show at Flanagan's. You're a crowd pleaser!
Pat from Baltimore, Maryland
May 29, 2003

You guys are awesome so, keep playing the music we like. Sláinte
Dominic from Front Royal, Virginia
May 27, 2003

The trees were even dancing in our yard! Thanks for playing our party, the vets on hogs (not to mention the chillun') really enjoy the reels! Ask them to play at your house.
Kenyon from Alexandria, Virginia
May 27, 2003

Thanks for a top evening at Flanagans pub. You made our regular Thursday evening last much longer than usual! More beer Vicar? Great sounds, great atmosphere, thanks to you.
Rebecca from Washington, D.C.
May 27, 2003

You guys are are incredibly awesome! I love the sound, your stage presence, your interaction with the crowds, your repetoire. Fantastic!
Teresa from Arlington, Virginia
May 27, 2003

We loved the Flanagan's show. We'll be back to see you soon.
Jimmy from Alexandria, Virginia
May 25, 2003

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