Download Live Track of Bulgarian Song from Merlefest HERE!

Scythian is proud to announce its first ever music festival held in honor of the wedding of Joey Crosby (yes, Scythian's Joey) and his fiancee Sara. Joey and Sara have never done things conventionally and they figured there'd be no better way to kick off their married life together than throwing a music festival where everyone is invited. And so we announce Sunflower Fest'09! Over the years Scythian has made friends on the road and so this one day-festival will feature the music of Blueground Ungergrass, Oneside, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Rebecca Jean Smith and of course - Scythian.

Scythian picked the stunning location of Rocky Gap State Park for its festival. It will be peak autumn folliage season and the festival attendees will be in an ampitheathre overlooking the stage with the mountains and lake as a backdrop. There will be camping and canoeing for the outdoors types and The Rocky Gap Resort and Golf Course is just a mile away for those who want to live high on the hog. We've set up an official Sunflower Fest Website so click here to get all the info. Hope you can make it!

Friday, August 14th: Ramshead Live! (Baltimore MD) - Scythian will be releasing its brand new Live Album at the Ramshead Live in what proves to be Scythian's biggest venue show to date. The Ramshead Live is a state of the art facility and the guys couldn't be prouder to be headlining the venue. They are also excited since the show will be an ALL AGES show: this means you can bring out that kid brother or sister who have only been hearing about the rowdiness that goes on at Mick O'Shea's and Fado. We've enjoyed tremendous support from you all over the years and ask you one more time to spread the word "grass roots" style and help us show Ramshead that Scythian belongs in Baltimore at this great venue. Doors open at 8pm and local boys Charm City Saints are opening. Click here to secure your spot at the show.

Scythian featured on NBCPhiladelphia! - This St. Patrick's Day NBC Channel 10/Philadelphia brought in Scythian to promote "The Big Jig" as the featured St. Patrick's Day show in Philly. The fellas got to perform their brand new tune - Jack Dempsey in front of a studio audience. In addition to the St. Patrick's Day feature, Scythian was asked to perform another number which will be featured on "Best of Music Show" which airs every Saturday after Saturday Night Live. So look for Scythian on Saturday nights in the next month. To view the performance click here.

The Washington City Paper was looking for DC's best band and they turned it over to a vote. It's official: thanks to you, Scythian was voted DC's best band! Thanks everybody! click here.

Immigrant Road Show Picked as ALBUM OF THE YEAR! - Homegrown Music Network made its year-end picks and Scythian takes home the brass! Other notable members of Homegrown Music Network are Keller Williams, Umphry's Magee and Afromotive. Thanks for the nod Homegrown!


Click HERE for a video of the performance

WE'RE BACK! - Sydney was absolutely mind-altering! We played for over 300,000 people, closing the night out on Saturday night at Randwick Racecourse! Though somewhat battered and confused by the 47 time zones, we're glad to be back where it's summer and festival season is raging. Again, thank yous from the bottom of our rickety hearts for all your support, and thank you Ave Maria University for being our official sponsor! We couldn't have done it without all of you!

Immigrant Road Show Picked as ALBUM OF THE YEAR!- Homegrown Music Network made its year-end picks and Scythian takes home the brass! Other notable members of Homegrown Music Network are Keller Williams, Umphrey's McGee and Afromotive. Thanks for the nod Homegrown!

Scythian Wins Best Song Award on Celtic! Thanks for voting everyone! We're proud to take home the trophy in the Jigs and Reels Category with "Immigrant Stomp" off our 2007 album, Immigrant Road Show.

Immigrant Road Show Reveiwed in the Post! - Scythian's new album "Immigrant Road Show" is reviewed in the Weekend Section of the Post. See what The Washington Post has to say about the new album!

Vintage Scythian E-Card - (Here's an E-Card Scythian used to use when they were just getting started): The lads have finally done it! They bit the bullet and let the seeds of "grass-roots" fly into the abyss of cyber-space. Now you can tell your friends about Scythian without actually having to talk to them: you can send this a snappy Scythian E-Card. All you have to do is come up with something witty to say about the band and invite your friends and co-workers to view the following link: Thanks for the support!