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  1. Klondike Polka

From the album Twinkie Twins

This track was written during sound checks in Skagway Alaska and exposes kids to the polka. Definitely channeling the old beer hall polka bands.

Encourage the kids to dance like penguins, geese or grizzly bears on this one!


Stuck up in the Yukon, looking’ for some gold
No one ever told me that it would be so cold
How I even got here, I don’t even know
And why are those two penguins dancing in the snow
“Well howdy there pardner” said a little man
With a great big flowing beard and a fiddle in his hand
Those penguins there are smarter than Lee Ioacoca
If you wanna stay warm up here you dance the Klondike Polka

Now you need a partner, go and don’t be shy
Grab yourself that Grizzly with a twinkle in his eye
If you want to stay warm never tango with a moose
My old lady always says polka with a goose

Hands are always clapping when you’re with a seal
Dancing with a wolf, he might think that you’re his meal
All this spinnin’, dancin’, clappin’ that will keep you warm
Aren’t you glad that you can dance the Klondike Polka!