Scythian has used a plethora of gear throughout the years and is proud to be endorsed by the following brands:

d'Addario Strings: From day one Dan was a d'Addario strings user for his guitar. As a street musician he loved the fact that they took a beating and were less expensive to replace, and now as a professional musician he enjoys their Pro-Grade XP Series. Alex uses d'Addario's Kaplan Strings for his fiddles. With lots of sweaty indoor and outdoor gigs, these strings stand the test. So wether you're a beginner or a pro you can't go wrong with d'Addario. Website.

Evans Drumheads: Fritz loves to hit things, especially drums and Evans drumheads have been the recipients of his "sweet nothings" for as long as he's been with the band. Great resonance and a wide array of options (including custom heads) make Evans the proper boombastic choice! Website.

FISHMAN - FISHMAN is the leading name in pickups and acoustic amps. Dan has used Fishman pickups from the start and Scythian recently started using the LoudBox series for their amplification needs. The quality of sound and volume have made it possible to do smaller shows with little setup. They also carry preamps, tuners and a plethora of other gadgets that would make "Q" turn green with envy! Website

NS Design - Everyone is always intrigued by the instrument Larissa plays: "What is that stick looking thingy she's playing." Well that stick thing is an electric five-string cello. Without losing the warmth of an acoustic the NS Design cello has made it possible to tour by cutting down on space used and limiting damage done by extreme temperatures. NS Design also designs upright basses and fiddles so if you're looking for something a little more portable and less temperature sensitive, give them a look! Website