What if I don’t have a roommate? - If you don’t have a roommate you can either sign up as a single and pay the single supplement ($799.00) or ask to matched up with someone (we will only match 2 people of the same sex). Please note, if a roommate is not available or cannot be mutually agreed upon, you will be required to pay the single supplement with your final payment.

Sitting on the Fence? - We encourage you to call Hammond Tours and talk to Joseph. They are a family run operation and can answer all your questions without you feeling pressured in any way to buy. In their philosophy, Hammond would rather you not go on the trip than to go feeling you were misled or pressured into going. Hammond is a class act and that is why we went with them. You can email Joseph Wasserbach or call him at (866) 486-8772.

Book the trip! - Your trip to the Emerald Isle is now a phone call away. Call Joseph at (866) 486-8772 to become a part of Scythian's second Ireland Trip!

To Book Your Trip or any questions email Joe Wasserbach or call:

Hammond Tours
(866) 486-8772 Toll free
(518) 765-2056 Local

(518) 205-0173 Fax