How much does the trip cost? - The trip costs $2649 per person (plus $499 Departure Tax) assuming double occupancy. 

How do I sign up for the tour? - You can either fill out the reservation application and mail it in with a check or call into Hammond Tours (866-486-8772) and give your information over the phone with a credit/debit card. 

What is the US Departure Tax? - The US Departure Tax is the total cost of all taxes and fees not associated with the base fare of your group airline ticket. This is a group air ticket, so Hammond Tours has to show the tax separate. 

Do I have to use the group air? - No. You can also purchase the tour as “LAND ONLY”. The Land Only Price of the is tour is $2325.00 PER PERSON SHARING. You do not pay Hammond Tours the US Departure tax if you purchase the tour as Land Only.

What if I don’t have a roommate? - If you don’t have a roommate you can either sign up as a single and pay the single supplement ($899.00) or ask to matched up with someone (we will only match 2 people of the same sex). Please note, if a roommate is not available or cannot be mutually agreed upon, you will be required to pay the single supplement with your final payment. 

Is there a cuttoff date to join the tour? - To get the group airfare rate the cuttoff date is December 16, 2018. After that date you can join the tour at the LAND ONLY rate and will have to provide your own airfare. As long as there are rooms available we are able to book till the day before the trip, so check for availability.

Can the trip sell out? - Yes. The trip will most likely sell out. The first Castle Tour sold out in four weeks and we took 180 people over two trips in 2016. The trip will be capped at 90 people so we strongly recommend you reserve your spot soon. 

How is the band involved in the tour? - The band will be traveling on the bus with you in Ireland and playing 3 shows! Shows will be listed on your final itinerary with your edocuments. Admission to the shows is included in your tour package. Other than the shows, the band will be tourists along with you all!

Can I bring a kid? - We love it when parents travel with their children, but due to the fact that there will be plenty off time spent in pubs the cut-off age for the trip is 18+ since that is the drinking age in Ireland. 

When will we know the flight itinerary? - The flight will be emailed out to all tour participants approximately 90 days prior to departure. Please note, we could be flying out of JFK or Newark.

What does the cancellation Insurance cover? - The cancellation insurance covers trip interruption or cancellation due to death or sickness, to you , or an immediate family member. Hammond strongly recommends travelers get this. Please ask for full policy coverage. 

Can I pay my reservation with a credit/debit card? - Yes, any payment made on your initial deposit, we charge no fee. Any payment made after your initial payment made on a credit/debit card, we have to charge a 3% fee.

How many meals are provided in the Tour price? - You will be provided a full-Irish breakfast every morning and three dinners will be provided by Hammond Tours (See Tour Overview in ITINERARY section).

Will I see a Leprechaun? - That depends on how late you stay out at the pubs

How much luggage can I bring? - International tickets allow for one bag weighing 50lbs. We suggest you leave a little room for souvenirs and gifts.

Who is Hammond Tours? - Hammond Tours is a family run operation which has been specializing in Ireland tours for over 35 years. They have been taking bands to Ireland for the past 25 years and Scythian learned of Hammond Tours through their buddies Enter the Haggis and The Young Dubliners, both of whom have done and Ireland Band tour with Hammond. They came highly recommended and we feel confident that you will have a smoothly-run enjoyable trip.